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600 Waterfowl Birds Have Died During The Past Month From A Botulism Outbreak In Idaho, America
Waterfowl hunters who venture out this opening weekend may see fewer birds in the Fort Boise Wildlife Management area, since 600 mallard ducks and other waterfowl have died in the past month from a botulism outbreak.

Evin Oneale, regional conservation educator for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, said officials first discovered the disease was affecting the birds in the area near Parma in early September. The strain is not one that is transmissible to humans.


“It’s a pretty common disease this time of year,” Oneale said. “The birds are concentrated on a few ponds out there, and when you have wildlife concentrated like that, the disease transmission is pretty high.”


When one bird carrying the disease dies, flies and maggots feed off the carcass and nearby birds eat those bugs, he said. That can sometimes mean thousands or tens of thousands of bird deaths, so he said they felt “pretty fortunate” the number was comparatively low.


To contain the outbreak, Oneale said workers have been collecting and promptly disposing of carcasses in the area.


“The good news is, we’ve seen no dead ducks in the last 10 days, so it appears the botulism has run its course,” Fish and Game Habitat Biologist Andy Ogden said. “The bad news is, the outbreak killed considerable numbers of local ducks, and these are normally the birds harvested in the first few days of the waterfowl season.”


Oneale said he hasn’t heard of any other botulism outbreaks in Idaho.


Masses Of Fish Died In 300 Acres Of Fish Ponds In Hubei, China
After a heavy rain, should the city Kongwan Zhen Zhong Village, a 300 acres of fish ponds in a large area of ​​dead fish. Ponds managers said upstream a farm effluents caused pollution. Currently, local governments and environmental protection departments have been involved in the investigation, coordination compensation.Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the incident ponds, people yet to come, far can smell the pungent stench. Closer, a large number of dead fish floating fish pond, shining white one, due to hot weather, a lot of dead fish have begun to rot stink.

Ponds manager Cheng introduction, the pond was originally a reservoir, covers an area of ​​360 acres. In 2005, he and his friends used to fish contracting. Put in a lot of fish every year, the annual income of sixty to seventy million.

Unexpected from a heavy rain. Cheng said, after September 22, it began to rain Yicheng, 23, a small amount of dead fish ponds leak. Thought it was caused by contaminated water, he did not mind. The next few days, more and more dead fish. To October 1, the whole fish ponds are Piaoqi held the dead fish.

How good fish grow too large sudden death it? Cheng view and found that upstream a farm manure effluent discharged to the ponds. He doubted successive rainfall, pig farms outside the pool fecal sewage overflow, flow into the low-lying ponds. “Farms also acknowledged this matter, and afterwards also organized people salvage dead fish.” Cheng said, they find farms, the other sent to salvage a few days, picked up a few kilograms of dead fish.

Snow Falls Weeks Early In Munich, Germany! …Meteorologist: “Winter Strikes Unusually Early And Severely”!

Meteorologists warned us that snow was on the way and would fall below the 500 m elevation in southern Germany and elsewhere. Moreover, they warned us that this winter could be one of the worst in 100 years for Central Europe.

No one knows if it’s really going to be such a winter, but one thing is sure: it sure is starting out like one! At least in parts of Central Europe.

Normally the first snow arrives in the Bavarian capital weeks later.

Snow falling

Record Cold For October Blasts Holland
It has never been so cold in the Netherlands on 11 October as this Friday. That reported Friday. At the hottest time of the day it was 8.6 degrees in De Bilt, the official station for these records.The old record, which dated from 1975, stood at 9.7 degrees.

In the north of the country it was moreover not as cold as in the middle of the country. The mercury got there a pleasant 14 degrees. The coldest was scattered in Gelderland, the temperature was stabbing at 7.9 degrees.

Blizzard Paralyzes Traffic On The Highway Novosibirsk, Russia

On the route Novosibirsk – Leninsk-(Kemerovo region) due to heavy snow storms formed a major traffic jam. Employees of traffic police in the Novosibirsk region rescued from snow captivity more than 100 cars.Due to the deteriorating weather conditions in the Novosibirsk region is limited intercity bus service on the route M51, M52 and M53. “As long as restrictions are removed only on the highway M52” – said the ministry. During the day as a result of traffic accidents and adverse weather conditions observed congestion on highways M51, K15 and K19 in the Novosibirsk region.

Vehicles on the road in TOGUCHINSKY district of Novosibirsk region, where because of a snowstorm on the night of Sunday stuck about 100 cars, is now moving in small columns, accompanied by traffic police. According to updated information department, ten snow-Seine formed on a 50-kilometer stretch of highway K19R, which completely paralyzed traffic in both directions. For help to find themselves in the snow captivity were sent to rescue motorists and traffic police. Some of the staff have served more than half a day. For additional help motorists were alerted managers and staff of the traffic police departments.

In many regions of the Altai Territory was limited intercity bus service on the route R-380 and R-363. On the roads of federal importance – M-52 and A-349 bus traffic was resumed. Restrictions on the movement of buses and introduced in the Omsk region along M-51, M-38 and R-402.

In Tuva due to snow drifts was closed Pass, through which the road to the neighboring Khakassia. MOE report on the country that pass the “100” are trying to clear. Due to bad weather remained without electricity half the administrative center of Khakassia – about 80,000 residents Abakan. However, the MOE intends to restore the supply of electricity to the end of the day.

It is expected that the adverse conditions persist at least until Sunday evening.

Tornado Touches Down In Denton County, Texas, America

Cameras clicked as a rare landspout tornado crossed parts of Denton County on Saturday afternoon.

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth said the small twister was reported around 2:35 p.m. A weather observer at the Denton Municipal Airport observed the tornado eight miles east of Sanger.

So far, no damage or injuries have been reported.

Meteorologists said a cold front moved across North Texas on Saturday. The National Weather Service in Fort Worth said the landspout tornado occured near the front. As soon as the storms produce cold rain at the surface, a landspout tornado will dissipate quickly.

Tornado Touches Down In Denton County

Massive Power Outage Causes Millions To Have Problems With Food Stamp Cards In Illinois, America
More than two million people in Illinois are experiencing problems with their food stamp cards and are unable to use the card at all.

Officials in Illinois said the third party contractor who provides services for the Link Food Stamp Cards is experiencing a power outage.

Work is being done to get the system up and running again, but officials said that it could be awhile before it is fixed.

Until the problem is fixed, people will not be able to check their balance or buy food.

News 4 is checking in with Missouri officials to see if their system is being impacted too.

Millions of users experiencing problems with food stamp cards in Illinois

Four Cattle With Congo Virus Disposed Of, Pakistan
Lahore District Administration (LDA) on Saturday disposed of four cattle affected with Congo virus.According to LDA sources, Congo virus was detected in four animals during checking at cattle markets across the city.They said the affected cattle were separated and disposed of to prevent further spread of the virus. It should be mentioned that media reports had warned about wide outspread of Congo virus through sacrificial animals brought in the cattle market after which the district administration launched the operation.The LDA sources said checking of the cattle in market will continue till Eid-ul-Azha and cattle markets would be sprayed on daily basis to minimise the chances Congo virus spread.

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