Severe Flooding In St. Lucia
Flood Alert
As previously reported St. Lucia has suffered from flooding the likes of which we have not seen since Tropical Storm Debbie and Hurricane Thomas two years ago… 

Two major bridges at Canaries and Piaye have been washed away and these are bridges that have survived both of the before mentioned storms!! With the loss of these two bridges the Soufriere area has been totally cut off.

Vieux Fort has also been cut off as the major highway in the Anse Ger area which is near Micoud has been severed with a large section having been washed away.

The Hewanorra airport was flooded through the departure lounge and there is a rumor that there might be a section of the runway that was under cut and collapsed. If anyone can fly into the airport, it might not be possible to get to Castries until they can fix the road at Anse Ger.


The old concrete Taxi way that was built during the second world war and is presently used as the main highway into Vieux Fort has collapsed near the beach and is almost impassable.


The Bexon highway was also underwater for most of the night but is apparently passable as of this morning.


The electricity services is reporting that approximately 15% of the population is without power due to tripped fuses and collapsed poles. They cannot access many of these areas due to the bridge outages and land slides.


The water supply has also been affected due to blocked water intakes and damage to water mains.


This is in many ways just as serious as the damage that we sustained during Hurricane Thomas and will set back the reconstruction that was proceeding apace since the passage of that Hurricane…


Unfortunately this will not be a very merry Christmas for many around the island.


When the situation becomes clearer I will try to post updates.


My situation at Cap Estate is fine with no problems, power stayed up and I’m on the side of a minor hill so no flooding.

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