The following are comments I sent a friend who asked about the USA deep freeze and UK’s winter forecast by the MetO…………
“Let’s put it this way, the great NOAA predicted a few months ago that the USA would have a mild winter. They were using their $$$Million tools etc with PhD’s and got it totally wrong.

95% of the storms the UK have recently endured, the MetO underestimated the wind gusts and they issued more amber alerts when many should have been red alerts.

A blocking system will start to form mid January which will be the start of the very harsh cold conditions to set in.

The MetO are correct to a certain degree about it getting colder, but they are underestimating the blocking system which will be more steadfast allowing a flow of very harsh conditions.

One area they definitely are not looking at is the energy stored in the earth’s core. It will be like a refrigerator where the heat is drawn out to be replaced by an injection of cold. The earth’s core is like the compressor (Blocking System)”.

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