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Depth: 15 km

Distances: 87 km SW of Damascus, Syria / pop: 1,569,394 / local time: 15:01:44.0 2014-01-13
26 km SW of Al Qunayţirah, Israel / pop: 36,143 / local time: 15:01:44.0 2014-01-13
9 km E of Rosh Pinna, Israel / pop: 2,492 / local time: 15:01:44.0 2014-01-13

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Depth: 20 km

Distances: 102 km NW of San Juan, Puerto Rico / pop: 418,140 / local time: 00:01:03.0 2014-01-13
71 km NE of Aguada, Puerto Rico / pop: 4,040 / local time: 00:01:03.0 2014-01-13
53 km N of Isabela, Puerto Rico / pop: 12,505 / local time: 00:01:03.0 2014-01-13

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Tornado Confirmed In Hampton, USA

Tornado Hampton 02.06.12

At about 3pm today the Wakefield NWS office confirmed an EF0 tornado touched down yesterday in Hampton. Width was 75 yards, lasted 1.25 miles on the ground (from approx.. 3:50-3:53).

Winds were estimated at up to 80mph. About 50 trees were snapped and homes had shingles blown off, it ripped off the roof of the City of Hampton School Maintenance Building, and also completely destroyed the Fox Hill Athletic Association Building.

Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Plane Emergency Landing

Passengers of Egypt Air had a near brush with disaster when one of the four rear tyres of the airplane burst after takeoff on the runway.
According to an official at the Sharjah International Airport, as soon as the captain realised that the tyre had burst, he immediately alerted the Sharjah International Airport and emergency landing had to be conducted.
An Egypt Air official confirmed that the landing was safe. The 82 passengers were immediately informed that the plane was encountering technical problems that required emergency landing.
“The passengers panicked but the emergency landing was successfully conducted with no injuries reported as the captain dealt with the incident in an ideal way. The tyre was immediately repaired and the flight had to be delayed. It finally took off the next day at 4 pm,” the official explained.