Second Landslide Hits Gravesend Today At Sole Street Station, UK

Landslide Alert

A SECOND landslide has occurred in the North Kent area this morning (Jan 17).

A landslip had closed one of the lines at Longfield earlier, around a mile from the station, which has been resolved but another incident has occurred near Sole Street Station, in Gravesend, at 11.45am blocking the line from Swanley towards Chatham.

Because of this, buses are replacing trains from Swanley towards Chatham and trains that usually run this way will be diverted via Dartford. Journey times may be delayed by around 30 minutes.

Trains from Chatham towards Swanley are able to run as normal.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “We were made aware of the situation at around 11.45am and our crews are on their way.

“It happened 50 yards from Sole Street Station.”


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