Large Die Off Of Fish In A River In Qinhuai, China

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According to an enthusiastic audience broke continent, about two days ago, the streets of the territory in Jiangning Chun Jurong River is heavily polluted river, To make fifty-six km range a lot poisoning the waters appear dead rotten shrimp. According to nearby residents said that at present most of the dead fish have been surrounding residents salvage or enter the market .
According to mainland media reports, at present, in addition to Nanjing Jiangning, Zhenjiang Jurong territory have thirty-four kilometers contaminated waters. There are local residents, said sources from the junction of Jurong Jiangning and a world of human sewage waste-water treatment chemical company.

According to earth person responsible chemical company, said the company had been punished because of substandard sewage, but the company has improved. However, only a sewer is approved legally established, the other remains to be investigated. And the company claims that have been discontinued since January 9 this year. But reporters that until yesterday afternoon (January 16) issued by the roar of the machine is still in the factory.

Currently, fish deaths of more serious is the Jiangning Chun Street democratic community, the river has some black color and emit a pungent stench. You can see a lot of little shining white carp floating in the water, and some have become dried fish float to shore. According to local residents, said most of these fish are not in captivity, but about two days ago, Jurong River comes from the north.

After hearing the news, many people are now dead fish have been running out fishing. On January 15, next to the village it has been recovered 700 kg. You can also see the number of live giant sheets of professional fishing nets, according to local residents, said the toxic fish harvesters are known, they should not eat, not to sell directly in the market, is sold to the fishmonger, and these are likely fishmonger The fish sold Jiangning Dongshan, even the Nanjing market.

Jurong EPA believes that this is a criminal case together with the environmental pollution caused by human activity, has been transferred to public security organs.

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