Tons Of Dead Fish Washing Up On Beaches In Lambayeque, Peru

Fishermen district of Santa Rosa and other creeks in the region Lambayeque are concerned because, in recent days, many schools of fish have washed up dead on the shore of the beach for reasons not yet explained.

Seamen who start their job very early found several species stranded in recent days, has done tremendously unusual caught their attention.

“It must be the water source, but many people are dying, people come to pick them up from the shore,” said Jose shaman, one of the seamen.

Imparpe authorities so far have not provided an explanation of this new massive varazón marine species, after the death of dolphins, seals, turtles and boobies on the entire beach.

For environmentalists this is very strange, as also recorded in Piura and Chimbote and believe that it can be pollution, what is motivating the death of these species.

It is estimated that more than two tons of fish have been stranded on the beaches of the coast of Lambayeque.

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