Boat Fire Causes $80,000 In Damages, USA

Boatfire Alert
Firefighters battle a marina fire in the frigid temperatures early Saturday.

A boat owner docked at Big Ridge Yacht Club called 911 reporting his boat was on fire at the club on Hixson Marina Road. The boat owner tells Dallas Bay Volunteer firefighters he woke up to smoke in the boat cabin. He says he found the smoke coming from an electrical box in the closet. The owner then says he left the boat to get a fire extinguisher and returned to find the boat fully involved with fire. The boat owner says he immediately released his boat from the dock so the entire dock would not catch fire. Unfortunately, when he cut his boat loose from the dock, his boat traveled close to another boat and it caught fire.  

That’s when Dallas Bay Volunteer Firefighters arrived on the scene.Dallas Bay VFD Chief Markus Fritts, requested the Hamilton County Hazmat Team to responded to assist with containing oil and gas fluids on the water.

Damages to the two boats are listed at $80,000. Firefighters say electrical problems in the boat seem to be the cause of the fire.

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