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Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Loosing A Wheel In Flight, California, USA

Plane Emergency Landing
A small plane that lost its nose wheel in flight has landed safely at a Southern California airport.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says the single engine Diamond DA40 touched down at El Monte Airport around 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Television news footage showed the plane upright on the runway.

Gregor says the wheel fell off during the approach and landed in Pioneer Park, about a mile southwest of the airport.

No injuries are reported.

It’s not immediately known whether anyone besides the pilot was on board the four-seat plane, which is equipped with three wheels.

The FAA is investigating.

El Monte is about 15 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Field After Mechanical Problem, USA

Plane Emergency Landing

A plane made an emergency landing in a field near Parker Tuesday afternoon.

After experiencing mechanical problems, a plane registered to Flying Fools, LLC in Colorado Springs landed in a field near the intersection of Inspiration Drive and Rocking Horse Parkway, said the Aurora Fire Department.

A plane made an emergency landing in a field near Inspiration Drive and Rocking Horse Jan. 28, 2014. (Photo: KDVR)

The aircraft stayed upright and landed with only minor damage, fire officials said. They added that both the pilot and passenger got out of the plane safely and did not sustain any injuries.

Aurora fire officials said the National Transportation Safety Board was notified of the accident.

Massive Landslide Sees Tree Left On Kitchen Roof, Cornwall, UK
Landslide Alert
A family had a lucky escape after a landslide caused several tonnes of earth and asphalt, and a tree to crash down behind their home in Mevagissey.

The Smith family were awake and inside their rented home on School Hill when the drama unfolded yesterday at about 7am.


ROOM WITH A VIEW:  The landslide piled up outside the kitchen window of the property on Church Street, Mevagissey.


Val, 56, was in the kitchen when she heard what she thought sounded like a thunder clap.


Her son David, 20, was upstairs and called out to alert his mum and dad Ray, 56, about what was going on.


Mrs Smith said: “It was still dark outside and we thought the noise was the result of a tree coming down.


“As it became lighter we could see that most of the bank above had fallen into our backyard. It had landed right outside the kitchen and there was a tree stuck on the kitchen roof.”


It’s thought heavy rain could have caused part of the access road on Prospect Terrace to fall into the garden.


Mrs Smith added: “I suppose the tree and the bank came down and brought the rest of the debris with it.


“There is a great big gap in Prospect Terrace, which is worrying for them.”


Neighbours leapt to the aid of the family and called the fire service, who attended the scene, and calls were also made to Cornwall Council.

“We were really lucky – it could have been a lot worse.


“Hopefully we will not have to move out,” Mrs Smith added.


A Cornwall Council spokesman said it had made the area safe but because it was a private road it was not the authority’s responsibility to make repairs.


East Bay Woman Dies Suddenly From H1N1 Flu Virus, USA

H1N1 Flu Alert
Family said 46-year-old Nancy Pinnella died from the H1N1 flu virus on January 25, 2014, four days after she became ill from the virus. (CBS)

The flu outbreak has claimed the life of a woman from the East Bay who once worked at KPIX 5. Nancy Pinnella became sick last week and died a few days later.

People who knew Pinnella thought she was extraordinary and taught others the joy of giving. Friends and family told KPIX 5 that she was kind and also had a sweet tooth.

But in other ways, she was like so many of us and never got a flu shot.

“And I’m equally guilty of not getting a flu shot. I’m not old, I’m not young. So why get one,” said Rich Pinnella, one of Nancy’s brothers.

Nancy’s family got the tragic answer to that question over the weekend, when the otherwise healthy 46-year-old woman died in a Sacramento hospital after contracting the H1N1 flu virus.

“You can sleep the flu off in three or four days. This thing took my sister’s life in that same time frame,” Rich Pinnella said.

According to her family, she left work feeling ill last Tuesday. On Wednesday morning she went to the doctor, and by that night she was on life support. Nancy Pinnella died on Saturday.

“It is vicious, fast, and that’s why my brothers and I are really pushing to get a flu shot. Because it’s not something you get sick and then get your shot. You need to have the preventative before,” said John Pinnella, also a brother of Nancy.

KPIX 5’s Ann Notarangelo went to school with Nancy in Danville and worked with her for some time at the station.

Nancy’s brother Tom Pinnella said, “If her death helps someone else that would have made a very big impact for her.”

Tracy Pierson was one of Nancy’s best friends and has always been afraid the vaccine would make her sick, until now. “Before, it was just in the news. And now, it’s real,” she said.

Pierson will join the 75 others who have gotten a flu shot after hearing about Nancy’s passing. “There’s no reason for me not to. You can flu shots anywhere now,” she said.

“She wouldn’t have wanted her life to be without meaning and I think this gives meaning to her life,” John Pinnella said.

Nancy’s doctors told her family that while the flu shot might not have prevented her from getting sick it would have helped her fight off the virus. They are convinced that she would be alive today if she had the vaccine.


H7N9 Virus Alert
New, nasty H7N9 'bird flu' virus outbreak spreads to humans in ...

In the eastern province of Zhejiang, the authorities had extended the ban on trade in live poultry on Monday: In addition to Hangzhou another two cities are affected. In neighboring Shanghai poultry markets will remain closed for Chinese New Year on Thursday and Friday as the official Xinhua news agency announced.

In Hong Kong should be on Tuesday 20th 000 birds culled after H7N9 had been found on the poultry market Cheung Sha Wan. The entire market will (WHO) will be closed for 21 days then according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the Hong Kong Health Minister announced Ko Wing-man on Monday at loud message.

Live birds are considered the main cause of infection with the pathogen. “There is no evidence of a sustained transfer from human to human,” the WHO had reported on Monday. Special controls at borders would not previously recommended and there is so far no travel warnings.



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Why did Met Office try to cover Up ‘the pause’ two years ago?

Watts Up With That?

By Paul Homewood

imageLast July, the Met Office published the second in a series of papers, discussing the recent pause in global warming.

On page 6, they state:

The start of the current pause is difficult to determine precisely. Although 1998 is often quoted as the start of the current pause, this was an exceptionally warm year because of the largest El Niño in the instrumental record. This was followed by a strong La Niña event and a fall in global surface temperature of around 0.2oC (Figure 1), equivalent in magnitude to the average decadal warming trend in recent decades. It is only really since 2000 that the rise in global surface temperatures has paused.

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Depth: 35 km

295 km W of Laâyoune / El Aaiún, Western Sahara / pop: 188,084 / local time: 19:44:43.9 2014-01-29
49 km SE of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain / pop: 222,417 / local time: 19:44:43.9 2014-01-29
25 km NW of San Nicolás, Spain / pop: 7,950 / local time: 19:44:43.9 2014-01-29

Global viewRegional view








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