H7N9 Virus Alert
New, nasty H7N9 'bird flu' virus outbreak spreads to humans in ...

In the eastern province of Zhejiang, the authorities had extended the ban on trade in live poultry on Monday: In addition to Hangzhou another two cities are affected. In neighboring Shanghai poultry markets will remain closed for Chinese New Year on Thursday and Friday as the official Xinhua news agency announced.

In Hong Kong should be on Tuesday 20th 000 birds culled after H7N9 had been found on the poultry market Cheung Sha Wan. The entire market will (WHO) will be closed for 21 days then according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the Hong Kong Health Minister announced Ko Wing-man on Monday at loud message.

Live birds are considered the main cause of infection with the pathogen. “There is no evidence of a sustained transfer from human to human,” the WHO had reported on Monday. Special controls at borders would not previously recommended and there is so far no travel warnings.

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