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Sudden Hailstorm Causes Vehicle Accidents In Devon, UK
Hail Formation Alert
Multiple vehicles were involved in two separate crashes on the same stretch of the A38 in Devon yesterday morning after a sudden hailstorm. The collisions, one in either direction, caused delays near the Ivybridge area. One lane was blocked on the Plymouth-bound side of the road between South Brent and Ivybridge and traffic built up after seven vehicles collided. There appeared to be several other cars involved. Police say there were no injuries.


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Depth: 15 km

Distances: Latitude, Longitude   70.194  -12.911 
(410.6 km NNE of Kolbeinsey)

Earthquake location   06 Feb 21:55 GMT

Map of earthquake epicentres

Time and magnitude of earthquake   06 Feb 21:55 GMT

Graph showing earthquake timing and magnitude


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Depth: 212 km

Distances: 439 km NE of Dili, East Timor / pop: 150,000 / local time: 05:29:08.0 2014-02-07
346 km S of Ambon, Indonesia / pop: 355,596 / local time: 05:29:08.0 2014-02-07

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Depth: 5 km

Distances: 305 km W of Athens, Greece / pop: 729,137 / local time: 21:21:01.0 2014-02-06
130 km W of Pátra, Greece / pop: 163,360 / local time: 21:21:01.0 2014-02-06
22 km W of Argostólion, Greece / pop: 9,820 / local time: 21:21:01.0 2014-02-06
16 km W of Lixoúrion, Greece / pop: 3,758 / local time: 21:21:01.0 2014-02-06

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Depth: 41 km

Distances: 386 km E of Taipei, Taiwan / pop: 7,871,900 / local time: 19:32:28.0 2014-02-06
282 km SW of Naha-shi, Japan / pop: 300,795 / local time: 20:32:28.0 2014-02-06
6 km E of Hirara, Japan / pop: 34,354 / local time: 20:32:28.0 2014-02-06

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Depth: 375 km

Distances: 298 km W of Nuku‘alofa, Tonga / pop: 22,400 / local time: 21:27:32.0 2014-02-06
564 km SE of Suva, Fiji / pop: 77,366 / local time: 20:27:32.0 2014-02-06
1110 km SW of Apia, Samoa / pop: 40,407 / local time: 21:27:32.0 2014-02-05

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Depth: 36 km

Distances: 101km (63mi) SSE of Lata, Solomon Islands
455km (283mi) NNW of Luganville, Vanuatu
722km (449mi) NNW of Port-Vila, Vanuatu

735km (457mi) ESE of Honiara, Solomon Islands
1047km (651mi) N of We, New Caledonia

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Ice Storm Leads To Record Number Of Power Outages, Philadelphia, USA
Power Outage Alert

May take days for some to have their power restored

A record-number of people have lost their power across the region thanks to a significant ice storm and power officials warn it could be days before everyone has their electricity back.

PECO Energy, the largest power provider in the Philadelphia region, tells outages experienced over the course of the storm and its aftermath are creeping toward 700,000 customers. Officials say that’s record levels for a winter storm.

A PECO spokesperson, which has about 1.6 million customers in six Pa. counties, says snapped power lines, icy trees and cars crashing into utility poles are the main cause of outages for their customers.

PECO expects it to take days to get everyone’s electricity service back online. In the most heavily damaged areas, some people may have to wait through the weekend to have their power restored, officials said.

PECO has requested mutual aid from other power companies, Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett said. The company has asked for an additional 500 line crews to help repair downed lines.

Flood Problems Spark RED ALERT Over Rats In Bristol, UK

HOMEOWNERS in Bristol have been put on red alert amid fears that further flooding could spark a deluge of rats.

More than 7,500 homes and businesses in the UK have been badly affected by floodwater since the beginning of December.

And more communities are in danger over the next few days after forecasts of fresh heavy rain lasting into next week.

The gloomy prediction has prompted a warning from a professional pest control registry, which says rats will try to escape rising water levels.

Rob Simpson, managing director of BASIS PROMPT Pest Controllers register, said: “Infestations of rats often increase during very wet weather as flooding will flush them out and force them to find new homes.

“They will try to find some sort of dwelling to live in – it can be garages or sheds or even lofts to get away from the water and the knock-on effect is more infestations in homes.

“Rats are intelligent creatures able to adapt and replenish their numbers very quickly. They are always on the look-out for new opportunities.”

The number of call-outs to pest control experts has risen by more than a quarter during previous spells of prolonged heavy rain and Mr Simpson fears there could be a similar story this time around.

But he says only by adopting the professional approach can homeowners be sure pest problems are dealt with efficiently and comprehensively.

He added: “If people try to deal with issues themselves, or bring in unqualified controllers because they are cheap, infestations could get out of hand.

“It’s easy to get out of your depth when trying to control pests of all kinds, but particularly rats as their treatment is often complicated and specialised.

“I can understand people wanting to save money, but it’s important to make sure infestations are treated by professionals.”