Thousands Of Bees Die Off ‘Due To Pesticides’ In Pontalinda, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Apicultor mostra colmeia vazia por causa da morte de abelhas (Foto: Reprodução/TV TEM)
Irregular use of pesticides may be responsible for the death of thousands of bees in Pontefract (SP), one of the cities that produce more honey in the northwest region. A creator saw the production of the apiary fall about 70% after planes began spraying insecticide on a sugarcane plantation which is close to his property.

In the apiary from producer Peter Olhier, thousands of bees used in the production of honey are dead on the floor. The situation left the beekeeper concerned that started facing the problem last year, but now the losses increased.

Of the 60 existing hives only 35 were left. The total production of the apiaries was a ton of honey per year, on average. For 2014 it expects no more than 300 pounds. Peter did not know what to do as a future crop hives may not exist anymore.

The beekeeper neighbor is a property of sugarcane where airplanes spraying pesticides. He believes that the products were applied to the crop that caused the death of bees. “I came to visit the apiary and found this pile of dead bee. I went to the farm and told me that three days before tickets went poison with the neighboring plantations. And the poison goes with the plane takes all insects below. I am now beekeeper for 25 years and I have to stop now because it causes poison? This is wrong, “says beekeeper.

Police are investigating the case, but awaits analysis of expertise in the sugarcane plantation and apiary. Alessandro Ferreira, agronomist House Agriculture Pontefract, explains that depending on how they are applied, the products can exterminate bees and other insects that are not harmful to crops. “Applying Defensive always has a target, and aerial application is for a given area, now the winds can carry this poison to a radius of up to a mile away and bring problems to other crops such as orange or mortality of insects that do not were planned, “says agronomist.

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