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Plane Crashes & Flips Upside Down At Essex County Airport, USA

Photo: Fairfield Police Department
Pilot sustained minor injury after aircraft went off the runway and collided with a snowbank.

A single-engine Cesna veered off a runway, collided with a snowbank and flipped over at Essex County Airport Monday night.

The plane, approaching from the west, touched down and skidded off runway No. 4 at about 6:53 p.m., according to Fairfield Police. 

Pilot Chaim Masri, 46, of Brooklyn, N.Y., sustained a minor injury to his leg and declined medical attention, according to police.

Cops received an emergency call from Essex County Airport Operations shortly after the plane crash landed and police, fire and EMS crews were dispatched to the scene.

The Cesna was uprighted and secured at the airport while Federal Aviation Administration officials investigate, according to police.


Etihad Plane Makes Emergency Landing Over Cabin Fires

An Etihad Airways flight from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi was forced to make an emergency landing in Jakarta after two fires were sparked in the cabin toilets while the plane was mid-air.

A third incident also took place after the plane resumed its journey, causing the pilot to cancel all in-flight service so that air stewards could guard each of the cabin’s toilets.

Flight EY461 departed Melbourne about 11pm on Monday and eventually arrived in the UAE capital four hours behind schedule, without any injury to passengers or crew.

Etihad Airways confirmed the pilot diverted the Boeing 777-300ER to Jakarta, Indonesia, when smoke was detected in two of the toilets, “as a precautionary measure” to allow authorities to assist him to conduct a security assessment of the situation.

“The flight resumed after a security search of the aircraft, passengers and their carry-on luggage,” Etihad Airways said in a statement.

When the plane was in the air again, “strict controls” were implemented over passenger movement in the cabin and passenger access to the toilets was restricted.

A further toilet smoke alarm occurred two hours before arrival into Abu Dhabi, as the cabin crew were preparing the final meal service.

Crew immediately dealt with the smoke but the incident led the captain to position crew members at each of the toilets, resulting in cabin service being cancelled.

“The service was discontinued and the crew continued to monitor and secure toilet access for the remainder of the flight,” the statement says.

On arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport, passengers and crew were interviewed by local authorities.

“The events that occurred during the flight remain under investigation and Etihad Airways is assisting the authorities to complete this as soon as possible,” the airline said.

A passenger onboard the flight told Australia’s the incidents were believed to be caused by a passenger.

“Flames were coming from the toilet and smoke filled the cabin,” the woman, who did not wish to be named, was quoted as saying.

“The arsonist first struck about three to four hours into the flight, [when] we were over the sea. Most passengers were asleep and fairly unaware.

“It was extinguished and there was an announcement reminding us all smoking was strictly prohibited. [Airline staff] assumed that’s what caused it.

“The [second] fire was in the rear toilet, not far from where I was sitting. I could see the flames and cabin filled with smoke.”

The incidents are being investigated.

Severe Turbulence Sends A Baby Flying, 5 Hurt 

A baby was flung from its mother’s arms and five people were sent to hospitals from injuries they suffered when a United Airlines flight hit severe turbulence over Montana, officials said Tuesday.

The turbulence happened as the Boeing 737 en route from Denver to Billings, Mont., was starting to descend before 1:30 p.m. Monday, causing a startling, sudden drop. Due to the situation, the flight’s captain declared a medical emergency.

Bill Dahlin was a passenger on the flight. He spoke to ABC News about the chaotic scene.

“There was a gal in front of us. She went up, her head went through the roof, and there was a woman screaming for her baby,” Dahlin said. “What really kind of grabbed your heart was the woman hollering for her baby. She was terrified.”

Passenger Joe Frank told The Denver Post in an email that the baby was propelled into a nearby seat, but the infant didn’t appear to be hurt.

The flight contained 114 passengers and five crew members.

Dahlin said he’s never experienced anything like it in his life. “I’m all right with it, but I know there’s other people that definitely had some issues,” he said.

United Airlines released a statement saying the airline’s flight safety team will review the incident.

Small Plane Explodes – Burns Near Pearland Airport, USA

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A Beechcraft King Air crashed near Pearland Regional Airport about 9 a.m. Wednesday while the pilot was attempting to land, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed.

The pilot of the aircraft had tried to land once and was going around for another approach when the plane crashed, FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford said by email.

FAA officials said they were told by local authorities there were no survivors and on the flight plan, the pilot was listed as the only person aboard.

Preliminary information indicates that the twin-engine aircraft was flying from Austin to Galveston Scholes Airport when the pilot diverted to Pearland due to low visibility in Galveston, Lunsford said.

Officials have notified the National Transportation Safety Board, which will be in charge of the investigation, Lunsford said.

Lunsford said the plane exploded and burned on impact.

A Department of Public Safety trooper told KHOU-TV that the impact was so intense the plane crashed four feet into the ground.

Light Plane In Trouble Lands Safely At Mildura Airport, Australia

A light plane made an emergency landing at Mildura Airport this afternoon after complications with the landing gear. Picture: Clancy Shipsides
A LIGHT plane in difficulty landed safely at Mildura Airport about 3.10pm today.
A full emergency contingent was on standby on the tarmac ready to assist as required.
It has been revealed that the plane was an Ambulance Victoria aircraft with a pilot and a paramedic on board. 
Two State Emergency Service trucks were on scene, along with five Country Fire Authority tankers and at least four police cars.
Three Ambulance Victoria crews, including a Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance paramedic were on the ground waiting to assist.
It is understood the pilot was unable to tell from the cockpit whether the plane’s wheels had locked properly.
The plane reportedly circled the airport for 30 minutes before making a safe landing.

Another Plane Hits Extreme Turbulence, Injuring 12 People Aboard Cathay Pacific Flight
The friendly skies seem to have been turning decidedly bumpy lately, folks. After a United Airlines flight hit severe turbulence on Monday, injuring five people, now comes the news that a Cathay Pacific plane had air bumps so bad, 12 people were hurt.
It’s enough to make you want to obey the captain when he has that seatbelt sign on: At least 12 passengers and crew members were injured on the Cathay flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong yesterday when the plane flew over “strong turbulence” as it passed over Japan, reports the South China Morning Post.
Upon landing, two injured crew members and six passengers who were hurt were hospitalized. A flight attendant is still reportedly in serious condition as of last night, while the others were released after treatment. The other injured passengers didn’t need to go to the hospital.
“It was even more intense than sitting on a roller coaster,” said one of the passengers. “[The plane] was jolted for at least two minutes. I was thrown up very high.”
The turbulence hit so quickly that there was no time for the captain to turn on the seatbelt sign or alert passengers, he says, saying that some passengers were thrown out of their seats and into the overhead bins. He says the person in front of him hit a panel so hard that it was damaged, echoing what a passenger on Monday’s United flight said happened.
Perhaps it’s time to have a chat with the Greek gods. It’s like Aeolus is out there and we’re all Odysseus. We’ve got one up on him though, and it’s called “keeping my seatbelt on at all times on all flights, ever.”

Severe Thunderstorms & Heavy Hail Hit Canberra, Australia

“I have seen flooding before, but nothing like this,” Principal Michael Lee said.
Dark clouds over Canberra before the storm.

The ACT was buffeted by gale-force winds and torrential rain on Wednesday afternoon, with the territory receiving its monthly rainfall in just three hours.

State Emergency Services received more than 500 calls for help during the storm, mostly relating to flooding in houses and downed power lines.

During and after shots of a storm water drain in Woden.

Tuggeranong saw the most storm activity and about 80mm of rain but other suburbs around Canberra also reported major flooding and roof damage.


People were injured in motor vehicle accidents and by falling trees, including a mother and her baby who were hit by a falling tree branch outside Queanbeyan Public School. The mother had been waiting for an after-school pick-up when the accident occurred and she has been taken to hospital with head injuries.


Meantime a Queanbeyan man had his car crushed by a falling tree branch, while he was eating lunch in a Yarralumla car park on Alexandrina Drive.

A car crushed by a falling branch, in a carpark on Alexandrina Drive at Yarralumla on Wednesday.

“The storm was picking up speed – all of a sudden, heard a couple of ‘cracks’ and blam, the roof of my car caved in,” Nick Stannard said.


The high rainfall caused widespread flooding across Canberra, with  eight classrooms and five offices at MacKillop Catholic College’s senior campus affected by 20-centimetre-deep floodwaters.


Principal Michael Lee said no classes would be cancelled because  of the flooding, but there had been significant damage  to the school’s classrooms.

“I have seen flooding before, but nothing like this,” he said.

Canberra Hospital also suffered flooding during the storm, with a “number of areas” of the hospital affected.

“[It] caused some disruption to services for a short period, but we are now largely back to business as usual,” ACT Health director-general Dr Peggy Brown said.

A tree down at Queanbeyan School.

Dr Brown said a small number of outpatients were affected by the flooding and they were being contacted to make alternative arrangements.


Flooded streets were  common, with one woman losing her dog  after it was washed down an uncovered manhole. Canberra Airport grounded flights intermittently during the storm, at some points delaying all flights in and out of the territory.

The ACT’s roads were severely affected by the weather, with flooding and fallen trees blocking traffic and delaying motorists.

There were a number of car accidents across Canberra, including one car which rolled on the Federal Highway and a separate collision between a car and a bus. A woman was also injured in Fyshwick when a branch smashed through her windscreen on Ipswich Street.

Winds reached gale-force speeds of up to 56km/h at 2.39pm, with gusts reaching 74km/h.

One Fyshwick business on Lithgow Street lost half its roof and several other businesses were affected by fallen trees. Tuggeranong had the highest rainfall for the territory, with 75.8 millimetres falling in just 3½ hours.

Canberra’s entire rainfall for December, January and February had been just 97 millimetres up until Wednesday, with the recent deluge more than doubling it. It also almost met Canberra’s average rainfall for February of 85 millimetres.

Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke said it was the most intense storm in the territory in at least three years. Conflicting weather patterns around the ACT had made Canberra the eye of a perfect storm. ”We’ve had very moist, warm air coming down from the north and that’s met with a mass of colder, drier air from the south,” he said. ”[Canberra] was about in the ideal

position today for the biggest contrast in air masses.”

Severe Storms, Tornado, Hail, 60 mph Winds Hit East Tennessee, USA

1 map2

It’s a rough weather morning in East Tennessee with storms across East Tennessee and a tornado warning has been issued for Cocke and Greene counties, where radar indicated a tornado near Newport.



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Depth: 6 km

Distances: West Yellowstone, MT – 11 km (7 miles) N (4 degrees)
Island Park, ID – 35 km (22 miles) NNE (33 degrees)
Gardiner, MT – 43 km (26 miles) SW (225 degrees)
Big Sky, MT – 58 km (36 miles) SSE (164 degrees)
Salt Lake City, UT – 451 km (280 miles) N (8 degrees)

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