Severe Turbulence Sends A Baby Flying, 5 Hurt 

A baby was flung from its mother’s arms and five people were sent to hospitals from injuries they suffered when a United Airlines flight hit severe turbulence over Montana, officials said Tuesday.

The turbulence happened as the Boeing 737 en route from Denver to Billings, Mont., was starting to descend before 1:30 p.m. Monday, causing a startling, sudden drop. Due to the situation, the flight’s captain declared a medical emergency.

Bill Dahlin was a passenger on the flight. He spoke to ABC News about the chaotic scene.

“There was a gal in front of us. She went up, her head went through the roof, and there was a woman screaming for her baby,” Dahlin said. “What really kind of grabbed your heart was the woman hollering for her baby. She was terrified.”

Passenger Joe Frank told The Denver Post in an email that the baby was propelled into a nearby seat, but the infant didn’t appear to be hurt.

The flight contained 114 passengers and five crew members.

Dahlin said he’s never experienced anything like it in his life. “I’m all right with it, but I know there’s other people that definitely had some issues,” he said.

United Airlines released a statement saying the airline’s flight safety team will review the incident.


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