165,000 Fish Dead Due To Volcanic Ash In Bantul, Indonesia

Department of Marine and Fisheries Bantul, Yogyakarta, noting as many as 165 550 fish fry in the local area due to volcanic ash die pascahujan Kelud eruption.

“The data that goes into service until today (Wednesday), fish seed mortality due to volcanic ash fall as much as 165 550 tails, catfish and carp seed well,” said Head of Division (Head) Department of Marine Aquaculture and Fisheries (MMAF), Bantul, Hadi Subiyanto, Wednesday.

Due to the death of hundreds of thousands of fish seed, farmers groups who are victims of natural disasters suffered material losses estimated total of Rp 50 million.

He said there are five groups of people hatchery operations (UPR) is a victim of the disaster, ie each group in the District Jetis, Pundong, Srandakan, Pandak and Kercamatan Sewon.

“The death of these fish occurs only in seed catfish and carp were aged between one and three weeks. However, fish that are ready for consumption or over the age of two months can still survive,” he said.

Deaths due to fish seed is exposed to rain water ponds dense volcanic ash. These conditions make it difficult for fish to breathe and cause death.

To prevent more deaths, he said, it was suggested to the owner to replace the aquaculture pond water pond with clear water or adding water to reduce the concentration of water due to the ash.

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