84,000 Cattle Dead From Flooding And Disease In Beni, Bolivia

Beni has lost 84,000 head of cattle, valued at $ 50 million as a result of floods and disease began to spread, according to a report given yesterday by the Federation of Ranchers Beni.

In a desperate call, cattle owners asked the government and private sectors to help expedite the move livestock to higher ground.

The first to respond to that call were farmers in Santa Cruz announced that sending more boats, propellers and forage Beni to take animals that are in the middle of the flooded fields.

LAND Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Land, Victor Hugo Vasquez reported that so far has recorded a loss of 39 thousand hectares of crops and 44,000 head of cattle lost due to heavy rains in the country, especially in the department of Beni, according to the agency ANF.

The official suggested that private banks grant loans accessible to the productive sector. In addition, he stressed the urgency to activate an emergency plan that allows families to recover losses caused by floods in different parts of the country.

“In agricultural issue, nationally there has been an allocation of 39 thousand hectares. With regard to the livestock side, we have to date a loss of 44 thousand head of cattle. Course the largest producer of live cattle is Beni department, “Vasquez said in an interview with Radio Panamericana.

However, the president of the Federation of Livestock Beni (FEGABENI), Mario Hurtado, reported that cattle lost due to inclement weather exceed 84 thousand. He also indicated that lack of government support for the rescue of livestock in the Beni region.

“The data exceeded 84 thousand livestock deaths. I’ve Had help from the government, but is still missing. Missing boats to rescue livestock have asked helicopter fuel. Need a pier trucks we lack,” he urged Hurtado.

INDEMNIFICATION Deputy Rural Development and Land, Víctor Hugo Vásquez, reported yesterday that about 1,000 hectares of crops lost to rain effects will be compensated by the National Agricultural Insurance Institute (INSA).

On January 29, the Cabinet of Ministers issued Supreme Decree 1883 which provides for the transfer of Bs 24 million from the General Treasury of the Nation (TGN) to the INSA, in order to perform the compensation to farmers who lost their crops due rainfall.


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