It Was Much Wetter In 1929/30


By Paul Homewood


The Met Office have now issued the precipitation stats for last month, so what do they tell us about the winter as a whole in England, where the floods have caused such havoc? (I am concentrating on England for this reason, although there is a section on the UK as whole, which shows a similar picture)

(I will also be devoting a separate post to the situation in Somerset.)

After all of the hype and repeatedly proclaimed “possible links to climate change”, we find that December to February rainfall, although the highest since 1910, was just a measly 3mm more than recorded in 1914/15. If this winter’s record rainfall really has been the result of global warming, as has been claimed, is that really the only difference it has made, 3mm?

And has this 3-month spell been unprecedented? Nope, not even remotely so, I am afraid…

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