Thousands of fish ‘die suddenly’ in a river in Mempawah, Indonesia

Thousands of Dead Fish Suddenly Mempawah for Polluted River Water

Farmers pond fish, they complained the deaths of thousands of fish suddenly at River Mempawah , District Mempawah downstream.

Allegedly, the fish experience stress and disease at the same time due to contamination due to climate change, from dry to wet.

“This incident since Tuesday night. That Bang, we are tired vigil until midnight, but many who died suddenly. Water was brown,” said Syafrani (44) farmers cages, Wednesday (03/26/2014).

Syafrani said, the incident began at 18:00 pm, and began seriously before midnight.

According to him, these events are sudden and unexpected, so he has not been preparing preventive measures.

“The first one is attacked Thanks to the Cape region and according to the information due to changes in the river water,” he said.

According to him, the first symptom is the fish to the surface, like water for oxygen. Then not long, the fish is weak and eventually die.

He considered, the possibility has been increasingly polluted river water from upstream rivers, and pollution can be from many things. One of them heavy rainfall could also allow carry toxins from upstream to River Mempawah.

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