UPDATE: Officials identify victims in W.Va. plane crash, USA

Plane Crash Alert

Officials say a married couple from Ohio died after their plane crashed in Kanawha County.
The small plane was on its way from Akron, Ohio, to Spartanburg, S.C., when it crashed about 5 p.m. Friday near Riverside in eastern Kanawha County.  Riverside is located about 12 miles southeast of Charleston.  
The National Transportation Safety Board identified those killed as 50-year-old Lazarus Sommers and his 56-year-old wife, Maryann Sommers. The couple was from Millersburg, Ohio.
The pilot of the Piper PA-32 had reportedly asked for help navigating around bad weather.
West Virginia State Police responding to the crash needed about two hours to find the site with a helicopter.  First responders had to reach the crash site on foot.  

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