Severe hailstorm including a tornado destroys 17 houses in Myanmar

Tornado Hampton 02.06.12


Hailstorms, strong wind, and thunderstorms hit Myanmar during Thingyan and 17 houses in Inle Lake area were destroyed by a tornado on April 17. 

A hailstorm hit Taunggyi, Shan State on April 12. A strong wind and lightening hit Hpa-An, Kayin State on April 14. A thunderstorm hit Kawkareik, Kayin State and another hailstorm hit Mogok, Mandalay Region on April 17.

“During the Thingyan period, there was strong wind, hailstorms, thunders, and rainfalls,” said an official from the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology. “The rainfall record in Taunggyi was around 24 millimetres. The rainfall record in Kawkareik, Kayin State after a thunderstorm was around 8 millimeter.”

“We heard about the tornado in Inle but we don’t have detailed information as the weather station has not been opened yet. We will plan to open one in that area,” the official added.


Tin Maung from Nanthae village group in northern area of Inle Lake said the villagers have been repairing their tornado-hit houses by themselves.

“I don’t know about what happened in other areas. Four or five houses collapsed in Nanthae village group. An umbrella from the pagoda fell down to the ground. The villagers have been repairing the collapsed houses. The tornado lasted for ten or fifteen minutes. I heard the situation is pretty bad in Thalaeoo,” said Tin Maung.

“Around 17 houses have been destroyed after the tornado hit five villages near Inle Lake around 3 pm on Myanmar New Year’s Day. There was no casualties reported,” said an official from Nyaung Shwe Police Station. 

“Tornadoes start around this time. It started raining since the 15th. The tornado hit [Inle Lake area] after the forming of thunderstorms,” said meteorologist Dr Tun L

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