Severe snow storm hits Sierra, USA

Snow Alert

A late season snowstorm walloped the Sierra and caught some people off guard.
“We really didn’t expect this storm to come in, a late spring storm, but it did,” truck driver Joe Obert said.
It dumped thick heavy snow, making driving conditions treacherous and forcing chain controls on eastbound Interstate 80 at Kingvale, which is at a little over 6,000 feet.
Truck drivers Obert and Rose Carter had to put chains on their big rigs for the second time Friday. They drive back and forth from Sparks, Nevada, to Oakland, five days a week.
“Slippery. The road was closed this morning for three hours because of accidents,” Carter explained. “I had to turn around at Truckee and had to sit for three hours.”
Most of the snow quickly turned into slush on the roads. Traffic was slow-going, even at a standstill in some areas right before the chain control.
One after another, drivers pulled off to the shoulder to chain up or hire someone else to do it.
“Thank God they’re here,” Maria Contreras said.
Contreras was heading to Reno from Visalia. It was her first time driving in the snow. She was surprised to see steady snow falling at 5,000 feet.
“It was cute, pretty while it lasted,” Contreras added. “But I guess it’s a hazard of the road. We have to do it.”
“It’s good for the rain. I’m good with that,” Carter said. “But I’m hoping this is the last time I chain up this year.”

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