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Plane crash lands in countryside near Wellingore, UK

Plane Crash Alert

A light aircraft crash landed at Temple Bruer, near Wellingore, this afternoon.

Fire and rescue crews from Brant Broughton and Lincoln were called at around 5.30pm to Griffins Farm Lane, where they found the pilot had freed himself.

Firefighters disconnected the battery to make the aircraft safe.


Subway Derailment Harms 19 People, Four Have Serious Injuries In New York, USA

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A NYC subway derailment caused injuries to 19 people, and authorities have said the train accident caused four people to be taken to hospital due to the seriousness of their injuries.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a subway crash in South Korea involved two trains running into each other at a station within the nation’s capital. It’s estimated around 200 people were injured in the subway accident and several severe injuries were reported.

The New York City subway train accident involved fully packed cars loaded with around 1,000 riders. The city’s fire department says the NYC subway derailment occurred while the train was traveling through a tunnel in Queens, with six out of eight cars in the Manhattan-bound ‘F’ line going off the tracks.

Travelers aboard the ill-fated subway ride described how they saw everyone jerk forward, and the lights flickered out. As the trains derailed sparks began to fly, although reports do not mention any fires or smoke being started. Still, since the train derailment occurred in a tunnel everyone was stuck in the darkness and the throngs of people had to find their way out themselves, with some people pushing aside the subway grates. But others calmly waited for over an hour in total silence while waiting for officials to come rescue them.

All in all, fifteen people had minor scrapes and bruises from the NYC subway derailment. But not everyone got away so easily. Four people had to be transported by emergency crews to hospitals due to their life-threatening injuries, although so far no reports have come out about anyone dying in the accident.

MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast says the cause of the NYC subway derailment is not yet known. The MTA says they will be inspecting the tracks, trains, and signals to try and determine what caused the cars to skip off the tracks.

Plane crashes at Middlesboro-Bell County Airport, USA

Plane Emergency Landing

A small airplane crashed at the Middlesboro-Bell County Airport on Friday afternoon. The plane crashed on the north side of the field near the western end of the runway. The Middlesboro Police Department was notified of the plane crash at approximately 1 p.m.


According to Middlesboro Police Chief Jeff Sharpe, the pilot received burn injuries and was flown to the University of Tennessee Medical Center by AirEvac. At last report, he was being transferred to the Vanderbilt burn center. Although seriously injured, the pilot was conscious and able to talk to responders at the scene.


Sharpe said the pilot, who was flying a Beech-Bonanza V-35B, was from Texas. Details are unclear, but apparently the plane took off from the airport bound for Texas. Some type of problem developed immediately after take off and the plane turned to land. Upon approach, the pilot lost control and a wing struck the runway causing the plane to veer off and catch fire.


Prior to the flames being extinguished by the Middlesboro Fire Department, smoke could be seen coming from the plane as one traveled down Cumberland Avenue.


Several police agencies were called to the scene as well as Middlesboro Fire/EMS and the National Park Service.


Sharpe said federal agencies have been notified and officials from the FAA will arrive on Saturday to investigate the crash. The airport is closed and will not re-open until released by the FAA. The crash site has been secured and no one will be permitted to enter until the scene is released to FAA officials.

NA plane makes emergency landing in Kuala Lumpur

Plane Emergency Landing

A Kathmandu -bound Nepal Airlines plane made an emergency landing at the Kuala Lumpur airport 45 minutes after the take-off following some some technical problems on Friday morning. Fifty-four people were onboard the Boeing 757 aircraft.

One of the passengers, Pravin Sapkota, said there were some unusual noise when the aircraft was flying.

According to the airlines station staff in Kuala Lumpur, the aircraft had been put into operation only three days ago after maintenance in Singapore. The official also said the passengers from the Nepal Airlines plane were later flown to Kathmandu in a Malaysia Airlines aircraft.

Meanwhile, two cabin crew and a passenger sustained injuries when a Buddha Air flight ATR-42 en route to Kathmandu from Bhairahawa hit air turbulence on Friday. Captain Sikhar Dhakal said the plane experienced a sudden change in altitude after it hit an ‘air pocket’.

Inclement weather affects flights

Flights along the Nepalgunj- Kathmandu route have been affected since the past two days, owing to bad weather.

On Thursday, a plane from Yeti Airlines that had left for Kathmandu from Ranjha Airport of Banke had to land in Bhairahawa due to inclement weather.

Similarly, a Buddha Air flight also returned to Ranjha Airport mid-journey to Kathmandu.

Plane crash kills pilot in Kilifi, Kenya

Plane Crash Alert

The pilot of a private light aircraft died on the spot after the craft developed mechanical problems and   crashed at Musumarani Amkeni area in   Kilifi county on Friday evening. Kilifi County Commissioner  Erastus Ekidor said the aircraft was on a fly test. Mr Ekidor added that the pilot of the aircraft, who was the only occupant, died on the spot and the aircraft was extensively damaged. The commissioner said the accident occurred at around 2pm after it left kijipwa private airstrip about 3 kilometers from the airstrip. The County boss said the pilot flew the aircraft for about ten minutes before it developed mechanical problems.



Earthquake Swarm




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10 people die in Odisha due to severe heatwave

Heatwave Warning

At least 10 people have died of heat stroke in Odisha, which is witnessing an intense heat wave for the past 20 days.
“Of the 42 deaths said to have been caused by the raging heat wave, officials have confirmed 10 deaths were caused by heat stroke,” a report from the office of special relief commissioner (SRC) said.
Three heat-stroke deaths occurred in Mayurbhanj district, while Balasore, Bhadrak, Balangir, Cuttack, Jajpur, Kendrapara, Khurda districts reported one death each, it said.
The report said 16 more persons had died of other causes, while reports about the cause of death in 16 other cases are yet to be received from the district collectors.
Temperatures have been hovering above 40 degrees Celsius in more than a dozen urban areas.
The coal town of Talcher recorded 45 degrees Centigrade on May 1 and May 2, Bhubaneswar Meteorological Centre officials said.
Saturday’s maximum temperature of 42.8 degrees Celsius was recorded at Bhawanipatna, district headquarters of Kalahandi.
Met officials said the temperature may come down in a day or two.



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Magnetogram 03.05.14  19.49 hrs UTC

Subway trains collide in Seoul, South Korea

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TWO subway trains have collided in Seoul, injuring more than 170 people but with no reported fatalities

News of the accident broke as the country still reels from the ferry disaster that has left around 300 people dead or missing — most of them schoolchildren — after the boat capsized and sank on April 16.

The ferry tragedy has triggered widespread public anger and a bout of national soul-searching as to whether South Korea — now Asia’s fourth-largest economy — sacrificed safety standards in its rush for development.

Train ‘knocked off rails’ by force of impact

Briefing reporters, fire department official Kim Kyung-Soo said 172 people had been injured in Friday’s train collision, none of them seriously.

The accident happened around 3.30pm (4pm AEST) when a moving train slammed into the rear of a stationary train at Sangwangsimni station in eastern Seoul.

Around 1000 people were evacuated from the two trains, Mr Kim said, adding that many of those hurt had complained of ankle injuries, cuts and bruises.

Smashed ... a train broke after the collision at Sangwangshipri subway station in Seoul.

According to senior Seoul Metro official Chung Soo-Young, initial investigations suggested the automated stopping system that should prevent a train getting too close to another appeared to have failed.

The tunnel curves before entering Sangwangsimni station and Mr Chung said the driver of the moving train did not see the platform was occupied until quite late.

He applied the emergency break, but the distance was “too short” to avoid a collision, Mr Chung said.

Gory scene ... blood stains mark the floor inside one of the subway trains.

The two last cars of the stationary train appeared to have been thrown off the rails by the force of the impact, and TV footage showed cracked windows on the two trains and one door connecting two carriages that had been completely knocked off its hinges.

One image showed a bloodstained floor leading to the sliding doors in one carriage.

Seoul’s subway network in one of the busiest in the world, carrying around 5.25 million passengers a day, according to official data from City Hall.

Train ‘knocked off rails’ by force of impact

Although there were no fatalities, the accident will likely fuel public criticism of the government for lax safety standards caused by the alleged collusion of transport companies and state regulators.

President Park Geun-Hye’s approval ratings, which have been impressively high since she took office a little over a year ago, have fallen by around 11 percentage points in the wake of the ferry disaster, according to Gallup Korea.


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