Subway Derailment Harms 19 People, Four Have Serious Injuries In New York, USA

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A NYC subway derailment caused injuries to 19 people, and authorities have said the train accident caused four people to be taken to hospital due to the seriousness of their injuries.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a subway crash in South Korea involved two trains running into each other at a station within the nation’s capital. It’s estimated around 200 people were injured in the subway accident and several severe injuries were reported.

The New York City subway train accident involved fully packed cars loaded with around 1,000 riders. The city’s fire department says the NYC subway derailment occurred while the train was traveling through a tunnel in Queens, with six out of eight cars in the Manhattan-bound ‘F’ line going off the tracks.

Travelers aboard the ill-fated subway ride described how they saw everyone jerk forward, and the lights flickered out. As the trains derailed sparks began to fly, although reports do not mention any fires or smoke being started. Still, since the train derailment occurred in a tunnel everyone was stuck in the darkness and the throngs of people had to find their way out themselves, with some people pushing aside the subway grates. But others calmly waited for over an hour in total silence while waiting for officials to come rescue them.

All in all, fifteen people had minor scrapes and bruises from the NYC subway derailment. But not everyone got away so easily. Four people had to be transported by emergency crews to hospitals due to their life-threatening injuries, although so far no reports have come out about anyone dying in the accident.

MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast says the cause of the NYC subway derailment is not yet known. The MTA says they will be inspecting the tracks, trains, and signals to try and determine what caused the cars to skip off the tracks.


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