1,500-acre wildfire burning on Fort Hood, Texas, USA

Fire Alert

Crews attempted to fight fires at Fort Hood from the air Sunday, but were forced to stop due to windy conditions. (Photo courtesy: Diana Hewitt via KCEN-TV)

The fire is burning in the middle of a firing range on post. No people or structures are in danger, officials said.

Fire crews were called to the Browns Creek Multi Purpose range at about 8:20 a.m. Sunday. The range takes up about 350 square miles.

Due to the fire’s location, firefighters were unable to fight it from the ground Sunday. However, they built breaks at the edge of the range.

Crews attempted to attack the fire from the air Sunday, but had to stop due to windy conditions. They plan to resume aerial operations when conditions allow.

Crews will monitor the situation overnight.

Fire burned more than 1,000 acres on post last week.

A fire burned more than 1500 acres at Fort Hood Sunday. (Photo courtesy: Brittany Ridenour via KCEN-TV)
A firing range caught fire on Fort Hood Sunday. (Photo Courtesy: Diana Hewitt via KCEN-TV)


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