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Undersea volcano poised to erupt near Farallon de Pajaros in the Northern Marianas


The United States Geological Survey says an undersea volcano near Farallon de Pajaros in the Northern Marianas can erupt any time.

The agency’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory has been keeping a close eye on the undersea volcano that has been showing signs of activity in recent days.

According to a weekly summary issued by the Observatory, recent seismic activity almost certainly herald an eruption.

According to the USGS report, seismometers on the islands recorded high levels of seismicity and the most likely source of the volcanic activity is the Ahyi seamount, which is about 20 kilometres southeast of Farallon de Pajaros.

The seamount rises to within 64 metres of the ocean surface and is associated with several reports of possible eruptions in historical times, the most recent in 2001.



Earthquake Swarm




***BE ALERT***


Subject To Change

Depth: 14 km

Distances: 66km (41mi) W of Iquique, Chile
198km (123mi) SSW of Arica, Chile

217km (135mi) NNW of Tocopilla, Chile
250km (155mi) SSW of Tacna, Peru

495km (308mi) SSW of La Paz, Bolivia

Global view


Subject To Change

Depth: 2 km

Distances: 353 km NW of Vientiane, Laos / pop: 196,731 / local time: 18:08:44.0 2014-05-05
29 km S of Chiang Rai, Thailand / pop: 78,756 / local time: 18:08:44.0 2014-05-05

Global viewRegional view


Plane makes emergency landing after severe turbulence injures 6 in Philadelphia, USA

Turbulence Alert

Authorities say a Florida-bound plane returned to Philadelphia after encountering severe turbulence that injured six people.


The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the turbulence encountered Sunday by the Orlando-bound US Airways flight lasted only a few seconds, but four passengers and two flight attendants reported injuries.


The pilot then turned the plane back to Philadelphia. The airline says five people were taken to hospitals and their conditions weren’t known, but none of the injuries appeared life-threatening.


US Airways spokesman Bill McGlashen says the seatbelt sign was still on at the time of the turbulence, which occurred when the plane was at 17,000 feet.


Airport spokeswoman Stacy Jackson says another plane took off at 8 p.m. Sunday to carry the passengers to Orlando.


Wildfire blazes behind Middle School in Grand Haven, USA

Fire Alert

Firefighters responded to a wildfire Sunday afternoon in the marsh behind Spring Lake Middle School – the second one in just two weeks.
Tribune photo/Becky Vargo
Smoke from the blaze was visible from across the river as well as at the intersection of U.S. 31 and Jackson Street in Grand Haven.
Officials from Spring Lake Township Fire Department said just a little over half an acre burned in the blaze reported just after 2 p.m.
David Bosse, 206 South St., watched as Crockery Township firefighters manipulated their all-terrain vehicle into the swampy area.
He climbed onto a brush pile to get a better vantage of the firefighters disappearing in the cattails.
“I called 911, but they already knew about it,” he said. “I’ve been keeping an eye out on my property to watch for kids out there.
(Tribune photo/Becky Vargo) Spring Lake Township firefighters spray cool down a snapping turtle, once the wildfire is out.
The cause of this fire, and the one from two weeks ago, was unknown.
“The cattails are so dry, it doesn’t take much to get them started,” one firefighter said.
Firefighters leaving the swamp discovered a large snapping turtle with a scorched shell.
They used their water from their backpack tanks to soak down the one-foot-long snapper.
It eventually moved out of the way.
Firefighters were on the scene about an hour.

Wildfire area doubles in Siberia over holidays, over half of forest fires put out in Russia’s Far East

Wildfire area doubles in Siberia over holidays, over half of forest fires put out in Russia's Far East

The Siberian Federal District saw 104 forest fires on an area of 140,471 hectares as of Monday morning, the local department of the Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz) said. More than half of 20 forest fires on an area of more than 5,000 hectares were put out in the Far Eastern Federal District over the past day, the forestry department in the federal district said on Monday.

Most fires, 32 on an area of 136,969 hectares, are burning in the Trans-Baikal territory. There are 36 fires on 2,866 hectares in the Irkutsk region, Interfax reports.

Forests are burning in the Republic of Altai (two fires on 80 hectares), the Krasnoyarsk territory (21 fires on 352 hectares), Tuva (three fires on 179 hectares), Buryatia (eight fires on 20.35 hectares), and in Khakassia (one fire on four hectares).

Thirty-four forest fires were confined to 46,119 hectares within the past 24 hours, among them 13 large fires burning on 45, 844 hectares – ten fires on 45,384 hectares in the Trans-Baikal territory and three on 460 hectares in the Irkutsk region.

Some 162 forest fires were put out on 32,682.2 hectares within the past 24 hours, including eight fires on 31,108 hectares in the Republic of Buryatia, the Irkutsk region and the Trans-Baikal territory.

Hence, the wildfire area in Siberia has more than doubled since April 30 when 88 forest fires were burning on 68,992 hectares.

A total of 1,829 foresters and smoke jumpers, 403 fire engines and 23 aircraft were putting out the flames. Most fires were caused by negligence of local residents and agricultural burnings.

A fire alert was announced in Chita and the Akshinsky, Baley and Kyrinsky districts in the Trans-Baikal territory, the Mukhorshibirsky district in Buryatia, the Kormilovka, Sargatskoye and Tyukalinsky districts in the Omsk region and throughout the Kemerovo and Irkutsk regions.

An emergency situation regime was put into place throughout the Trans-Baikal territory and Buryatia.

“In the morning on May 5 nine forest fires keep raging in the Far East, eight of them in Amur Region, one in Primorsky Territory. Twenty forest fires (12 in Amur Region, seven in Primorsky Territory and one fire in Khabarovsk Territory) have been burning in the district for the last day. The blaze has burnt down 5,367 hectares in the Far Eastern Federal District for the last day,” the forestry department said, TASS reports.

As much as 4,448 hectares or around 83% of fire area fall on Amur Region.

As many as 518 people, 269 units of machinery, eight aircrafts, including four helicopters were involved in fire-fighting in the federal district.

From the start of the fire-prone season 1,483 forest fires broke out on an area of more than 303 thousand hectares on protected territories in the federal district. As many as 270 forest fires on an area of slightly more than 43,800 hectares were reported for the same period in 2013 in the federal district.

Wildfire reported near Forest Lakes, Arizona, USA

Wild Fire Alert

A wildfire is burning on the Black Mesa Ranger District of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests.
The U.S. Forest Service said the Patricks Pond Fire has burned about 3 acres and is fully lined.
It was detected Sunday near Forest Lakes.
A helicopter has been dipping water from the Black Canyon Reservoir.
The U.S. Forest Service said some campers have been evacuated but no campgrounds are closed due to the fire.
The cause is under investigation.


Fire Alert

Crews were battling a large wildfire in central Oklahoma near Guthrie early Monday that destroyed several homes as it raced through the parched landscape.

The wildfire broke out Sunday when a controlled burn that began at about 4 p.m. got out of hand, Guthrie Fire Department Chief Eric Harlow said. By 9 p.m., it had burned an estimated 4 to 6 square miles of land, as well as several homes, he said.

A 56-year-old man was found dead in his home Sunday night after the blazed passed through that area, Harlow said.

Tabitha Diamond, who lives in an area a few miles from Guthrie where the fire swept through, told KOCO-TV that she was returning from a music festival in Noble when she saw the flames and sped home. The fire missed her place, but it destroyed someone’s trailer home nearby, she said.

“It didn’t get close enough, but it got too close,” she said, referring to the fire’s threat to her home.

The American Red Cross set up a shelter for those affected by the fire at a church in Guthrie.

High winds and dry conditions fueled several wildfires in Oklahoma on Sunday.

Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Princess Anne, USA

Plane Emergency Landing

Maryland State Police say a plane coming from West Point, Virginia was forced to make an emergency landing Sunday night in Somerset County.
Police say around 8:00 p.m., the Maryland State Police Princess Anne barrack received a report of a plane in distress. Police say the plane, piloted by 65-year-old Randolph Lee Beauchamp of Berlin, was heading to the Salisbury Regional Airport.
Police say a short time later, the barrack received information that the plane had made an emergency landing in a field in the 31 thousand block of West Post Office Road in Princess Anne, Maryland. Police say troopers responded to the scene and made contact with the pilot.
Police say the plane encountered strong head winds over the Bay Bridge Tunnel which caused Beauchamp to use more fuel than expected. Police say because of this, the plane ran out of fuel about ten miles from the Salisbury Regional Airport.
Beauchamp was not injured in the emergency landing and the plane was not damaged.
Troopers were assisted by Somerset County Sheriffs Dept., Princess Anne Police, Natural Resources Police and Princess Anne Fire Dept.
Princess Anne Fire Chief Kenny Walsten says the plane will remain in the field Monday until Beauchamp can refuel it to take off and continue on its way.