Devastating floods displaces residents in Penn Yan village, USA

Water levels still high, hope dwindled for people as the magnitude of the damage Friday afternoon. Two devastating floods in about 72 hours were just too much for the village and its people to handle. “I looked up and saw the clouds and in the pit of my stomach I felt fear and scared and sick.” Next to Jacob’s Creek, Pam Whitford’s home made it through Wednesday’s flood but Friday another powerful surge of water tore into her house. “I just feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle right now, it’s never going to end…It feels hopeless.” Defeated and displaced, Whitford said the second round of rain took everything. “This made it worse, now we got sewer that broke and the walls got moved for the creek so it doesn’t seem safe,” Whitford said. The water raged with so much force it took out sections of the foundation, her home now sliding into Jacob’s Creek. “I went to a house on Clinton Street and there is a dumpster out front, pickup trucks and it’s all gone, they lost everything,” Whitford said. After seeing Whitford’s home, Ron Dailey said he is lucky. Near Sucker Brooke, a strong force of water left behind a wider, deeper path of destruction. Flooding Friday totaled cars and destroyed basements– water heaters, furnaces, electrical wiring all need to be replaced. “This is sad and it stinks but it can fixed you know, we can still stay here…these people they got to rebuild,” Dailey said. More condemned signs were posted Friday– Whitford’s house was the third home on Clinton Street to be declared unsafe. Packing up her stuff, Whitford cried when she asked what she planned to do next. “I’m just numb right now. I don’t know my brother is looking for a storage unit right now, I don’t know,” she said.

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