Power outages hit water supply, residents fume in Arera Colony, India

Power Outage Alert

Contrary to Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) claims that water supply has been restored to optimal level, residents continued to face water problem. This time, power outage compounded the problem.
Unscheduled power cut by power discom in Arera Colony on Wednesday morning came at a time when residents were desperately waiting for resumption of regular water supply. When contacted, discom officials it was a minor disruption for maintenance works.
“We got up early to store water, but only a few buckets later there was a power cut,” said members of the Dhok family. “I took half a day’s leave to fill and store water. With no electricity it was wasted,” said eldest son of the family.
“We are facing searing temperature. With no electricity and water, things cannot get worse than this,” said Shraddha Patnaik, a resident of Savoy Complex. Patnaik said discom helpline was of no help as the telephone was constantly busy. Ankit Tyagi, a resident of Green Park Colony Road, said calling helpline number is useless as phone keeps ringing, but no one bothers to pick up. First, they don’t tell you about power cut and if you question, they don’t bother to answer queries.

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