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Massive landslide swept through Mesa County, Western Colorado, USA

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A massive landslide swept through Mesa County in western Colorado, U.S., on May 25, 2014. According to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department, three people are missing. The slide occurred after a day of rain and a smaller slide earlier in a day.

According to Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey the three men who are reported missing went to check on their irrigation water that had been disrupted. From there they went to check on the first slide.

It’s believed a second slide happened while they were in that area and they may have been caught in it.

The site is located along Salt Creek Road, also known as 601/2 Road, near Vega State Park, east of Collbran. It is 800 m (0.5 miles) wide and about 3.2 – 4.8 km (2 – 3 miles) long. At the edges, the mud is 6 – 9 m (20 – 30 feet) deep, and at its center it is believed to be about 76 m (250 feet) deep.


Plane crashes in South Carolina, USA

Plane Crash Alert

Happy Memorial Day everyone. This is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom with details on a plane crash discovered deep in the woods near Chester, South Carolina. This plane left Wilmington on Friday, headed for Clayton, Georgia. It never made it. Authorities tell us two people were killed. They will notify next of kin before releasing the victims names.

Someone is playing a cruel joke on homeowners in a Harrisburg neighborhood. Five homes were evacuated and the bomb squad called in to detonate what turned out to be a hoax. It’s not the first bomb scare there. One woman claims someone put a draino bomb in her backyard recently.

No regular classes tomorrow at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Instead there will be a day of mourning for the six students killed Friday at the hands of another student who then went on to apparently take his own life.  Authorities say Elliot Rodger stabbed his two roommates and a third student to death…then shot and killed two women outside a sorority house, and a student at a deli mart. How must his parents feel?

Indian Air Force ‘fighter plane’ crashes killing it’s pilot in Kashmir

Plane Crash Alert

A fighter plane (MIG-21) of the Indian Air Force (IAF) crashed Tuesday in Sangam area of this South Kashmir district, killing its pilot. The IAF has initiated a Court of Inquiry (COI) into incident.
The plane crashed in an agriculture field at 10:50 am in Marhama village of Sangam, resulting in death of an IAF Squadron leader Raghu Bansi. “A pilot of IAF was killed after his MiG-21 crashed today at Marhama,” Army spokesperson Lt Col NN Joshi said. 
“The MiG which had taken off from Srinagar’s Technical Air Base was on a routine sortie in the area when it crashed 10 kms short of Koil, Awantipora Air Base.”
The IAF officials along with Army and Police immediately rushed to the spot.
“The body of the pilot was retrieved from the debris and removed in a chopper,” Joshi said.
He said the plane caught fire before it crashed and exploded with a bang.
Eyewitnesses said the explosion triggered panic among the villagers who ran for safety. They said the pilot had evicted moments before the plane crash but his parachute came in contact with a 320 KV HT wire resulting in his death. However, officials said, they are still trying to ascertain the “all the facts.”
“A Court of Inquiry has been ordered to investigate the cause of the accident,” the Army statement read.
Chief Minister Omar Abdullah expressed his condolence to the bereaved family. Soon after the incident Omar tweeted: “Not entirely disconnected from today’s crash the new Govt needs to sort (out) defense procurement issue for Navy, Air force and Army ASAP.”

Plane crash kills 5 in Río de la Plata, Uruguay

Plane Crash Alert

A small plane today fell into the Río de la Plata river with nine passengers on board. Four of them were successfully rescued and transferred to hospitals in Buenos Aires and Uruguay, and at least five people were reported dead. 

Two of the passengers were identified as top executives from the Renault car manufacturer. 

Of those five, three remained trapped inside the plane, while two were removed during a joint operation between Uruguay and the Argentine Coastguard. The bodies, however, stayed at the scene until well into the evening, when judicial authorities gave permission for their removal.

The dead have been identified as pilot Leandro Larriera and passengers Fernando Sánchez, Facundo Alecha, Fernando Lonigro and Gustavo Fosco. Sebastián Vivona, Santiago Villamil, Paula Silvana Buery and Ignacio Javier Losa were rescued alive from the crash.

The craft took off from the Buenos Aires locality of San Fernando, in Argentina, and went down while flying to the city of Carmelo, in neighbouring Uruguay.

Argentine textile businessman Federico Bonomi admitted he was the owner of the craft, although he was not on board. 

“I have no further information yet,” he told reporters and confirmed that both the pilot, and one of the passengers, Vivona, were close friends of Bonomi and work colleagues for a long time.

Uruguayan Navy spokesman Gastón Jaunsolo had earlier confirmed that the passengers raised the alarm after their plane, a BE020, had suffered a malfunction.

“The craft went down due to a malfunction, and on avoiding a heavier impact [those aboard] were able to make a distress call.”

MERS Virus: Iran Confirms First Two Cases

MERS Virus Alert

The MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) virus, which has been responsible for over 175 deaths in Saudi Arabia, has now been confirmed in Iran.

Yesterday, Iranian officials explained that the first two cases of MERS virus in Iran had been confirmed.

“Four suspected cases of new corona virus infection were observed in a family in the province of Kerman,” Mohammad Mahdi Gouya, the director-general of communicable diseases at the Iranian Health Ministry’s Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention said on Monday. “Two of these cases were confirmed in two sisters. One of the sisters is in critical condition and the other is currently receiving treatment under special circumstances.”

There is currently no vaccine or specific treatment for MERS, which has led to the deaths of nearly 30 percent of its victims. The virus causes extreme symptoms that include: intense coughing, high fevers, flu-like symptoms, organ failure, and deadly bouts of pneumonia.

Scientists have already completed research and determined that camels can carry the virus, and they are currently testing dogs and cats to see if they can as well. “The others that we are looking into or are trying to look into are cats, dogs where there is more intimate contact, and any other wild species we can get serum from that we are not currently getting,” said Thomas Briese of Columbia University.


***BE ALERT***
Magnetogram 27.05.14  21.48 hrs UTC


Subject To Change

Depth: 78 km

Distances: 97km (60mi) SE of Hachijo-jima, Japan
283km (176mi) SSE of Tateyama, Japan

284km (176mi) SSE of Shimoda, Japan
292km (181mi) S of Kawaguchi, Japan

363km (226mi) SSE of Tokyo, Japan

Global view


Subject To Change

Depth: 80 km

Distances: 493 km S of Davao, Philippines / pop: 1,212,504 / local time: 20:40:39.7 2014-05-27
262 km NE of Manado, Indonesia / pop: 451,893 / local time: 20:40:39.7 2014-05-27
176 km NW of Tobelo, Indonesia / pop: 10,000 / local time: 21:40:39.7 2014-05-27

Global viewRegional view


Subject To Change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 3140 km W of Windhoek, Namibia / pop: 268,132 / local time: 11:59:12.3 2014-05-27
3257 km S of Monrovia, Liberia / pop: 939,524 / local time: 10:59:12.3 2014-05-27
3259 km SW of Luanda, Angola / pop: 2,776,168 / local time: 11:59:12.3 2014-05-27

Global viewRegional view


Subject To Change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 93km (58mi) NW of Tome, Chile
95km (59mi) NNW of Talcahuano, Chile

102km (63mi) NNW of Penco, Chile
108km (67mi) NNW of Concepcion, Chile

383km (238mi) SW of Santiago, Chile

Global view