Severe storm destroys airport hangar near Big Sandy, USA

Severe thunderstorms tore through north central Montana on Wednesday evening.

KRTV has received a couple reports of damage from across the region as of 8:45 p.m. Wednesday

Viewer Shelley Chauvet tells us an airport hangar was destroyed near Big Sandy and debris was thrown across her pasture.

Chauvet said, “It just got really really dark and it felt like it was going to hail and then all of a sudden it just started to pour rain and the hail started coming and the hail, was very intense and you could hardly see the trees out in front of our house. Then we started seeing pieces of something white blowing and we thought it was just tin off of somebody’s building or garage or something. Then all of a sudden a huge chunk of the roof of the hangar blew across the highway and into our horse pasture and you could see then as the storm let up if you looked over towards the airport you could see that the building was absolutely demolished.”

The National Weather Service in Great Falls says the storms produced golf ball to ping pong ball-sized hail in several areas, which may have damaged crops and other small buildings.

A trained spotter in Harlem reported power lines were blown down in Harlem in Blaine County around 8:15 p.m. A small fire was started, but there’s no word on whether or not it was put out.

We’ll pass along any additional reports of storm damage as we get them.


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