Severe heatwave kills 2 newborn babies in Sindh, Pakistan

Heatwave Warning

Two children died and more than 50 people, among them 40 children, suffered heatstroke in Dadu and Nawabshah as central and upper parts of Sindh sizzled on Friday with the mercury touching the mark of 48 degrees Celsius in Nawabshah, making it the hottest place in the country, said a meteorological official.

He said that similar weather conditions would prevail in the areas on Saturday.

Responding to Dawn queries, the official said that Moenjodaro and Padidan were among the second hottest places in the country where the highest temperature recorded was 47 degrees Celsius.

The highest temperature recorded in Dadu and Larkana was 46 degrees Celsius, whereas at Sukkur the highest temperature was 45 degrees Celsius and in Jacobabad it was 44.

The highest temperature in Hyderabad was 43 degrees Celsius and in Badin, located in lower Sindh, the highest temperature was 40 degrees.

The weather, according to the weatherman, in most parts of Sindh on Saturday was expected to remain very hot and dry whereas in Sukkur it was expected to remain partly cloudy with chances of dust storm and rain.

The weather in Karachi, owing to its location along the coast of the Arabian Sea, was comparatively pleasant on Friday and the highest temperature recorded here was 36 degrees Celsius and the lowest 28.

In Dadu, two newborn babies, Nazeer Ahmed and Haji Juman, died at Dadu Civil Hospital and more than 40 other children reported at the hospital’s paediatrics ward after they fell unconscious due to extreme heat. The condition of 12 children was stated to be serious.

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