Sudden dust storm disrupts power supply in most Lucknow areas, India

Dust Storm Alert

Power supply in almost all localities of the city went off for almost two hours following a sudden dust storm. Areas which felt the impact most included the posh Dalibagh, Jopling Road, Rana Pratap Marg, Hazratganj, Ashok Marg, Gomtinagar, besides other parts of the city. According to power officials, the feeders were switched off as a precautionary measure after the dust storm. Power supply was restored at around 8pm after the storm had blown over, but till 9pm, localities getting electricity from overhead wires had no electricity.
Supply to various localities in New Cantonment, Telibagh and Rae Bareli road was affected for almost five hours after a eucalyptus tree fell on a 33KV line. Power supply to areas in the vicinity of Ambedkar University was also affected. It took power personnel almost two-and-half hours to remove the trunk and restore supply. Incidents of tree trunks falling on wires were reported from also Mahatma Gandhi Marg and Vidhan Sabha Marg.
Residents of Utratia protested against erratic power supply in the area’s sub-station on Thursday. They alleged that despite repeated reminders about overloading on the 630KVA transformer, power authorities did not taken any step to rectify the fault. Late Wednesday night, the transformer had caught fire, thereby disrupting electricity supply in the area. Power supply was restored eventually at 9am on Thursday.
Residents of LDA Colony, Sector-H, late Thursday night gheraoed the sub-station after power supply in the area was disrupted at around 6pm. According to eyewitnesses, police force was called in to control the angry protestors, who allegedly tried to enter the sub-station. In Vikasnagar area, local residents clashed with power officials.

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