Warn of possible eruption of the volcano in El Salvador Chaparrastique

Salvadoran officials warned Thursday about the possibility that the Chaparrastique volcano, located in the department of San Miguel (this), again have a rash as it had in December and February last year, because in the last hours has activity increased “significantly”, why ask the public and municipal bodies to take preventive measures.
Civil Protection director Jorge Melendez, said vibrations volcano have reached “values ​​considered extremely strong” by experts and authorities that oversee the colossus. He noted that due to the strong activity, “he believes there is a high probability of eruptive activity, either by the central crater or flanks.”
Melendez issued “a warning to the entire department of San Miguel under orange alert” or high risk that is in force in that area since the first eruption, December 29, 2013, however, so far not been ordered the evacuation of residents and the suspension of classes in neighboring municipalities volcano, the official said.
After the eruption of 29 December, which caused no casualties or serious damage, the Chaparrastique has continued to produce seismic activity spewing gas and ash.On 20 May, the authorities of El Salvador began the evacuation of thousands of people before the increased volcanic activity Chaparrastique and an order was issued to suspend classes due to the danger of avalanches provoke rain of ash and other materials deposited from the eruption of December.
On February 12, the volcano spewed a new plume of ash and gas about 500 feet high, which the authorities categorized as a second eruption.

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