Plane crash kills two in Nottinghamshire, UK

Plane Crash Alert

Two men were killed when the light aircraft they were flying crashed in a field in Nottinghamshire

They were believed to be the only people on board when the plane came down near the M1 motorway on Saturday.

Witnesses described it nose-diving before the crash.

Nottinghamshire Police confirmed an investigation was under way after the accident near Hucknall at about 13:30 BST between junctions 26 and 27.

Inspectors from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch have been deployed to the scene, a spokeswoman for the force said.

‘Lost control’

Craig Wing, 31, from Clifton, was approaching junction 27 when he saw the aircraft was in trouble.

He said: “It lost control and it just dipped straight down. [The pilot] managed to swerve from the M1 and into the field.”

Mr Wing, who described the aircraft as a glider, added: “I’ve gone straight over to the plane and obviously seen the two people, it was very upsetting.

“I had to do what I had to do. I wanted to try and help.”

One lane was closed on the M1 southbound.

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