Dust storm cuts off power supply in India

Dust Storm Alert

The city did not get uninterrupted power supply on Monday. Dust storm made the situation worse in several localities as power supply remained disrupted for more than two hours.
In Prag Narain road, there was no electricity for several hours as a huge tree fell on the transmission line and disrupted power supply. The supply could not be restored till late evening.
There were lots of similar complaints received on helplines set up by the Lucknow Electricity Supply Administration (LESA) from other localities of the city.
Supply to Sarojinagar, Sringarnagar and Alambagh was disrupted due to breakdown of two feeders. “Lots of complaints were received after 6pm,” said the staff.
A breakdown of 33kv line resulted in power failure in Malihabad. Complaints were also received from Balaghat.
In Hussainganj, there was no power supply for five hours due to maintenance work. In Kanpur road, sector-H, there was a shutdown to prune roadside trees. In Shruti Vihar, Indiranagar, power supply was disrupted as the feeder was kept on the road instead of being installed on double-poles.
In sector-14, Indiranagar, supply was disrupted for an hour due to maintenance work. Power disruption was also reported from Daliganj.

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