Flyover collapses in the Brazilian World Cup host city of Belo Horizonte

The collapsed bridge

A motorway flyover has collapsed in the Brazilian World Cup host city of Belo Horizonte, leaving two dead and many injured, say reports.

The bridge, built for the World Cup, collapsed onto a bus and other vehicles beneath, according to South American media reports.

The accident happened in the north of the capital, where many teams have been based throughout their World Cup campaign.

Aerial view of the scene
The collapsed bridge was part of Brazil’s World Cup infrastructure

Fire services have sent 11 engines and a helicopter to the scene to aid those trapped in the wreckage, according to the Buenos Aires Herald.

Live TV images showed what appeared to be a school bus and other vehicles trapped under the rubble. The female driver of the bus was killed.

It is understood that two construction trucks and one car were crushed along with the bus.

A general view of the Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte
Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte

City firefighters said on their official Twitter account that at least one person was dead but other sources said the death toll was two, with 19 injured.

The collapsed road was apparently part of World Cup infrastructure which was was not quite finished on time for the event.

Belo Horizonte’s nearby Mineirao Stadium has hosted four World Cup matches and is due to host a semi-final next Tuesday.


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