Tornado destroys homes in Wyoming, USA

In many ways, the city of Wyoming dodged a bullet.
No serious injuries were reported as a result of Sunday night’s tornado that caused major damage across southern Kent County.
The Ideal Park neighborhood, however, was left in anything but ideal shape.
The EF-1 tornado that touched down after 10:30 Sunday night ripped apart Ideal Park before destroying more than 50 homes in Wyoming, as well as 10 to 15 businesses.
“There is a great mess here. Our Ideal Park is catastrophic,” said Wyoming City Manager Curtis Holt.
Fallen trees and power lines have thousands without power.
Holt and Consumers Energy spokesman Roger Morgenstern say restoring the power is a top priority.
“We have 250 field personnel dedicated in Kent County alone,” said Morgenstern. “That’s a tremendous amount of bucket trucks, linemen, service workers working.”
“We need to make sure that homes are safe and that their electrical systems are safe,” said Holt. “We have inspectors ready the minute we know the system is safe.”
Wyoming Chief of Police and Fire James Carmody told WZZM 13 that the city is not issuing a State of Emergency, saying that his teams’ resources are not depleted.
Carmody says Wyoming’s police and fire departments are now focused on stabilizing the areas affected and keeping people out of the neighborhoods that don’t belong. Authorities plan to have extra public safety patrols on the streets for the next 48 hours, and they say residents will be asked for identification to show that they live in the area before being allowed through.

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