Typhoon Warnings in Place as Halong Moves over Guam

Typhoon Alert

Tropical Storm Halong (Probable Typhoon) continues to rapidly develop as it bears down on the Mariana islands today packing winds up to 83 Gusting to 126kph as of Wednesday morning.
Winds at Anderson AFB continue to climb as well as the storm approaches, even at 8AM tropical storm strength winds have already been reported at the airport.
The storm is expected to pass through the Rota channel near Rota about 74km north of Guam during the early afternoon hours local time.  A Typhoon Warning is in effect for Rota. A Typhoon Watch remain in effect for Guam. A Warning means destructive typhoon force winds of 75 mph or greater are possible within the next 24 hours. A Typhoon Watch means those winds are possible within 24 to 48 hours., Tropical Storm Warnings are also in effect for Guam.
Guam Radar 0800AM
Already we have seen reports of light debris being tossed about amidst this storm as well as heavy rainfall.  For those who are on Guam try to remain in doors until the storm passes.
All government offices on the islands have also been closed on Wednesday. Furthermore all flights in and out of Guam have been cancelled.
Conditions are expected to remain gusty through Wednesday but slowing tapering off by the evening hours. By Thursday morning the scattered showers will still be in the area but Halong will have moved off to the west.

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