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90 TONS+ of fish have died due to storm in Kampong Thom, Cambodia

Fish Kill Alert

More than 90 tons of fish died after gale-force winds hit the Tonle Chhmar Fish Conservation Center in Kompong Thom province Wednesday, according to local officials.

The gale started around 2:30 p.m. and lasted for approximately half an hour, said Korn Chanseiha, the Ministry of Agriculture administrator for Stong district.

“Yesterday we had a gale storm and a huge amount of fish died,” Mr. Chanseiha said.

He said the fish are believed to have died after water was blown out of the lake as huge gusts of wind enveloped the conservation center.

A local official said that while fish have been killed in similar circumstances before, this is the most extreme example he has ever witnessed.

“The most amount of fish I have witnessed killed was 40 tons, this is over 90,” said Khun Bunh, district military police commander.

Local villagers Wednesday attempted to collect the dead fish at the conservation center for selling and eating, Mr. Bunh said. Fishing is usually forbidden at the conservation center.


Massive die off of fish suddenly hits ponds in West Godavari, India

Tonnes of fish lying dead in a villages under Undi mandal in West Godavari District.

Hundreds of fish have fallen prey to intense heat wave and sudden fluctuation in temperature in West Godavari district. Heaps of dead fish dumped on wayside and bunds of ponds are greeting visitors to aqua-rich villages in the district. The fish markets at Akiveedu and Eluru city, flooded with huge quantities of dead fish, bear tell-tale signs of the calamity which has struck the growers across the district in the last two days.

The fish, ready for harvesting, died for want of dissolved oxygen in the ponds overnight. The vast expanses of the ponds were dotted with the lifeless fish floating on the surfaces. Although there was no official data available yet on the extent of loss in aquaculture, rough estimates revealed that around 5,000 tonnes of dead fish arrived to the Akiveedu market alone from West Godavari and Krishna districts in a single day on Tuesday.

The price fell from Rs. 30 per kg previous day to Rs 5 and even Re. 1. Some farmers abandoned the produce on the road side and returned home crestfallen for want of takers. Fisheries Development Officer Lakshmana Kumar told The Hindu that he observed 16 tonnes of fish dead in four villages under Undi and Kalla mandals alone during a visit.

Apart from drop in the day temperatures, high density of stocking, low water level in the ponds and late harvesting were the causes for the calamity, he said. The farmers delayed harvesting till June hoping for better prices as against the normal schedule from January to March. A kg of fish fetched them Rs 90 during the January-March period, but fell to 30 by June first week, dashing their hopes. Ramachandra Raju, Delta Fish Farmers Association, put the loss to around Rs. 300 crore caused by the calamity.

Dhatla Rama Raju from Rajulapet in Akiveedu mandal said he had buried four tonnes of fish killed in his ponds in the nearby fields. He invested Rs 75,000-80,000 on fish farming per acre and suffered a loss of Rs. 3 lakh. Venkannababu, another farmer from Akiveedu, said he had spent Re 1 on each seedling which he purchased from hatcheries and he failed to recover even that in the market.

Tens of thousands of dead crabs found washed ashore in Phuket, Thailand


Today happens to be World Oceans Day, a day first designated in 2002 to honour the world’s oceans and celebrate the products the ocean provides.

To this point there have been no official statements or tests conducted to clarify the cause of the crabs’ mass exodus.

In related news, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) this week began the construction of an underwater ice wall to staunch massive amounts of contaminated groundwater that have been flowing into the sea from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex.

Whether there is a link with the dead crabs found in Phuket this morning has yet to be confirmed or dismissed.

17 dead sea birds found along beaches in Iquique, Chile

The week just passed, the death of Koi had generated a number of challenges to those responsible in Iquique. Now, in the Playa Brava, were found dead birds of 17 species Guanay Cormorant.

Guanay Cormorant is a seabird that inhabits the coasts of Peru and our country, belongs to the family of the famous “Ducks Yecos” that abound in Iquique. Representatives Kaitieki Conservation Society came to the site after receiving alert people who saw dead birds in the sand.

After verifying the deaths of about 16 cormorants on Playa Brava, Kaitieki reported facts through its platforms on social media, “We went to the place and soon we go was not difficult to find one which was effectively dead, but showed no injury. Touring the place we started meeting with a total of 16 dead birds in different states, and some whole other half eaten by dogs. “

“Near the end of the tour we found a live one obviously weak and sick, and unfortunately despite all the care that was provided died overnight,” said Conservation Society Kaitieki.

They filed a complaint at the SAG this morning, presenting even a dead bird, to request the autopsy and figure out what could attract the death of cormorants. Made an important addition to the community called, “If you see any live by the beach or dead please do not take it, could transmit a disease.”

Thousands of dead fish found floating around the coast of Sabang, Indonesia

Thousands of Dead Fish in the Sea Sabang

THOUSANDS of reef fish in the last two weeks was found dead floating in the sea Sabang. Not yet known causes of death of these fish, but most people call it the fish died due to poisoning. The floating dead fish float up to parairan reported Pulo Aceh.

Commander laot Lhok Meulee Ie, District Suka Jaya, Sabang, Saiful to the Porch, Monday (9/6), said fishermen in the region of Upper Town, West Town, Ie Meulee, Edge Kareung, and that all incoming ITAM Anoi eastern region, in the period the last three weeks time often find fish floating on the shoreline and at sea.

It turns out that the case was not only found in the eastern region, but in almost all waters of Pulau Weh, as justified Commander laot Sabang town, M Ali.

According to M Ali, who was found dead fish events since May 24, 2014 that spread to the waters of the western region, namely Beurawang, Jaboi, Iboih, Keunekai, Paya Keunekai, and Balohan. “This is the first case occurred in Sabang waters,” said M Ali.

According to information, the condition of rotting fish with skin peeling. Not even a little bit ahead of the flounder was found dead, so many fishermen bring home for sale.

Ie laot Commander Meulee mention, the floating dead fish are reef fish that settled in the shallow reef. Types of reef fish that died were, among others, grouper, Jabung / lubing, spinach, chilli and fish. Not only reef fish, but at the same time the fishermen also found some dead turtles on the beach.

Saiful do not yet know the cause of death of the reef fish. It also can not say dangerous or not eating dead fish. This condition is very disturbing fishermen. Even some residents have started to reluctantly eat fish that are sold by the fishermen, especially people who live in coastal areas Sabang city.

“There are people who call the fish died due to poisoning, but we can not conclude that the fish was poisoned. Kapastiannya wait for the results of DKP, “said Commander laot Lhok Meulee Ie.

Saiful very much hope to the Department of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) to immediately find out the cause of the fish deaths. Therefore, if left unchecked, dead reef fish will continue to grow and have an impact on reef fish populations, including coral reefs which are already visible white.

“Samples of dead fish have been submitted to the DKP on June 5 in accordance with the collective agreement with the fishermen. However, until now there has been no answers on the cause of death of fish, as well as whether the dead fish may be consumed, “said Commander laot Lhok Meulee Ie.

Another report received Porch said dead fish in the waters of Pulau Weh drift down to the waters of Pulo Aceh, District of Pulo Aceh, Aceh Besar. Society and the traditional institutions of Pulo Aceh laot find a lot of dead fish floating in the water and is believed to drift from Sabang waters.

Mass die off of fish along 20km of river in Pizhou, China

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90 cage fish breeding in the room pavilion river of death, half time ten thousand kilos of fish all died. According to farmers introduced, 20 kilometers room pavilion River pizhou eight-defined set of great promise soil Town and Copper Mountain Town Village Reach Reach dozen farmers damaged. Pizhou fishery department, said the water quality will be detected and registered accounting of dead fish farmers.

Full of dead fish floating in the river shining white

& Nbsp7 morning, Pizhou eight Yi Ting River Li Qiaocun bridgehead town house, filled with a stench. House Pavilion river was not high, the water has tens of meters wide, lined with river fish cages.

The river looked around, almost all cages, cages of dead fish floating in shining white, big ten kilos, there are a couple of pounds smaller. These have all been rotting dead fish, an unpleasant odor.

Close to the river, the river is almost full stench people can not breathe. This year 50-year-old picked up a farmers Guo Yunjun weighs 5 kilos of carp, the fish had rotted, cut off a few.

Guo Yunjun said June 1 in the morning, when the pouring rain, he did not go out, there is a neighbor told him that the room pavilion river has been polluted. 郭 允军 did not eat the meal went to the river, he smelled an odor, also found that the flow from upstream to an Blackwater, muddy water, then the fish appeared strange, turn on the water, and even jumped out of the cage to begin large number of deaths. Dead fish floating in the water, and dead fish floating up more and more.

Guo Yunjun say no to noon, he was 90 cages in ten thousand kilograms of fish all died. The other villagers raised river fish could not survive.

Guo Yunjun introduced fish within eight TOWN, wangzhuang, Dadun reach the villages of farmers are all dead. In addition, the town 20 kilometers nianzhuang pizhou territory, town and big promises town soil copper mountain territory, room pavilion river reaches, hundreds of kilograms of dead fish.

Fish farmers: dead fish every year from the year before

Starting 10 years ago, Guo Yunjun start running fry, installed 90 cages. Eve of Spring Festival this year, he put in more than 10,000 yuan worth of fish, fish’ll be able to grow into the market, thought there would be a good harvest this year, I did not expect all the fish died. 郭允军 said that from the year before, for three consecutive years are dead.

郭 允军 said dead fish floating cages where only a small part of most of the dead fish submerged in water, after the stink to float to. Villagers saw so many dead on both sides, have come to salvage. These dead fish have bighead, silver carp, carp, grass carp and other big ten kilos, one such fish can sell tens of dollars.

Several villagers said the site over the past three years, housing pavilion in mid-river to drip water from upstream, mid-dead fish. According to their understanding, the sewage is discharged from upstream, and last year they had to go JIAWANG environmental protection department approached, but so far no results.

Relevant departments will help farmers rights

For a large number of dead fish farmers, Zhou Yi, deputy mayor Pizhou eight town is also very sad. She explained that the previous room pavilion really crystal clear river, upstream companies continue to pollute later became like this now. For three consecutive years, the fish farmers continue to death inside, they also went to the scene to see, and to help farmers rights.

Pizhou City Environmental Protection Bureau, said after receiving the reflected, for room pavilion river pollution caused fish deaths, they will be involved in the investigation, tracing upstream polluters, severely punished. As to the issue of compensation of dead fish, the fishery sector may reflect resolved.

Relevant personnel Pizhou fishery station, said farmers for town justice set eight dead fish and other water pollution incident reflects that they have received a reflection of fishery officers to the scene to take a water sample, then commissioned the relevant departments to identify and the number of dead fish farmers registered accounting. They will investigate the reasons for the death of fish evidence, look sewage companies, sewage companies to coordinate related claims. If coordination is not, they will provide evidence of farmers, farmers hope through legal channels.

Thousands of dead fish wash up on Samos beach in Karlovasi, Greece

Thousands of dead fish that washed up on the beach at Karlovasi on the northern Aegean island of Samos last Friday were still there on Monday, despite the smell.

An investigation launched by the Greek coast guard was under way in order to determine whether the fish had been poisoned or killed as a result of illegal fishing practices.

However, local fishermen claimed that the fish were too small to be caught in their nets.

Thousands of fish appear dead in a river, ponds and lakes is ‘Unusual phenomenon’ in Ha Nam, Vietnam

Tons of dead fish on the river Threshold anomaly.

According to some residents living near the riverside, said status of mass mortalities occurred on (5/6). “At first, not many dead fish, people still take the boat out with fish that bury into the tree, but after one night, the dead fish in dense areas, river floating white. Seeing so many dead fish, who also shivered so no one would dare river fished out again. ” Ms Mai, the people said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Son, near the pumping station, said Xue dead and moribund fish, averaging about 10 a day picked sacks ca. Dead fish in the river drift into the area near the pumping station and water accumulation in here can not smell the smell, not the house he lives that affected all people in the surrounding areas were severely affected important. According to Mr. Son, the number of dead fish in a few days here estimated to need tons.
Present at the Threshold River region, according to the reporter’s record, a 1km stretch of the river on a series of dead fish appear white river float river. Most areas of dead fish are near the pump station and bridges around Japan Achievement. The dead fish like tilapia, carp, crucian carp. Not just a river in nghue, area, in people’s ponds, lakes and white dead fish floating.
Unusual phenomenon of dead fish on the river Threshold area has yet to determine the cause. However, in the judgment of the people, may be due to contaminated river water is too heavy, the extra hot weather the past few days, causing many fish to die unbearable series.

Masses of dead fish wash up again in Galveston, Texas, America


It’s happened again. More dead fish have washed up in Galveston County.

On Friday, we learned of more dead fish near the Kemah Bridge at Todville Road in Seabrook. This come nearly two weeks after fish first washed ashore near the same spot.

At the time, Texas Parks and Wildlife says the shad or bait fish are likely showing up dead because of oxygen depletion.

When the fish washed ashore the last time, within a couple of days, they had decomposed and were for the most part gone.

Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach in New Jersey, America

Fish Kill Alert

Officials are investigating what caused hundreds of fish to wash ashore along the beach of a Jersey shore town.

According to State environmental officials, hundreds of fish washed up Friday morning in Cape May Point.

According to Larry Hajna of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, at this point, there is no reason to believe that the dead fish are washing up as the result of any environmental issue.

A preliminary investigation points to a broken fishing boat net that released the fish into the ocean in the southern portion of the peninsula.

At this point, DEP officials said there are no plans to clean up the fish or gather them from the water. They said whatever is left on the shore will be washed back out with the tide.

There is no word on how far out to sea the fishing boat was.

The discovery is not impacting beach operations.

The investigation is ongoing.