Hundreds of dead fish wash up along a beach in Hawaii, America

Dead fish wash up to shore in Nanakuli

Hawaii News Now viewer Lawena Painter was on her morning walk along Nanakuli Beach when she saw them, scores of small dead fish littering the beach along the tide line.

“It was very, very disturbing. We were afraid at first, but we still went swimming. There was nothing in the water” she described.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources is aware of the occurrence, and has been investigating. It says the fish in question are juvenile gurnards.

“They’re coming up on the shore with the currents, on the high tides they’ll come in if the current is coming onshore, then they’ll wash up in the tide line” said Aquatic Biologist Alton Miyasaka.

While the results of their pending investigation won’t be available for two to three weeks, Miyasaka says this event is most likely a natural phenomenon, and not anything nefarious.

“We don’t think it’s something the public needs to be unduly concerned about” he said.

The DLNR credits the public for reporting the situation, and urges continued vigilance in situations like this.

“If you’re a diver, swimmer, surfer, beach walker…anyone who’s out there, you can be looking out and doing your part” said Anne Rosinski, the DLNR’s Marine Resource Specialist.

Lawene Painter did her part, now she can return to her home beach with peace of mind.

“Very, very relieved. Now we can enjoy the beach we’ve been going to since we were babies. We can enjoy it and know it’s still a safe and beautiful beach”.

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