Record rainfall floods homes in Factoria, Washington, USA

Factoria Boulevard flooded
Seven units at Newport Villa Townhomes were flooded Wednesday morning after nearly two inches of rain fell in a two-hour period.

It pushed Kelsey Creek in Bellevue over its banks and into buildings. Beth Hinkson walked downstairs from her bedroom into water that was up to her thighs. 

She said, “I thought I might be dreaming. I was hoping a nightmare.”

For Hinkson, it was deja vu. In May, a pipe broke in her house while she was away, doing the same kind of damage.  She had just finished installing a brand new bamboo floor Tuesday night.

Hinkson said, “I haven’t cried yet, but I will. I’m pretty sure I’ll cry tonight.”

To make matters even worse, Hinkson owns two of the flood-damaged town homes in the complex.  Her rental next door, was also under water, with tenants who had no insurance.  

Hinkson said, “I was just about ready to make a call to Red Cross to see if we can get them located someplace, because they can’t live there.”  

Residents told KIRO 7 that because of a history of flooding, four of the seven units damaged were covered under federal flood insurance policies. Three were not.  

Those owners will have to pick up the cost of repairs on their own.

The storm also caused damage elsewhere. In White Center, a fallen tree left 4,000 people without power, Seattle City Light said.

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    Record rainfall floods homes in Factoria, Washington, USA | Earth Changing Extremities

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