Continuous drought making life tough in Myingyan, Myanmar

Drought Alert

A drought lasting nearly three months has hit residents in Myingyan, who are struggling with shortage of water, scarcity of food and difficulty in farming and breeding.

A local from Tamangyi village in the region said: “We haven’t been able to plant paddy because of the water shortage. Almost all of the lakes and drinking fountains have dried up. If it doesn’t rain this month, we will face a lack of drinking water.”

Some said drought has become more severe year after year.

With the lack of rain, temperatures have risen each day and some artesian wells have even dried up.

Kyaw Min, a member of a group promoting human rights in San-U village, said: “Many villagers have to walk a mile a day to access water. Farm animals have lived on used water. Some households have already migrated to where the grass is greener.”

The rainy season in Myingyan – in Mandalay division in central Myanmar – is a bit different from other regions. It starts at the beginning of Nayone (mid-June) and ends at the beginning of Tawthalin (mid-September). If there is no rain by Wagaung (mid-August) there is usually no more rain for the year, locals explained.


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