10,000 fish have died ‘due to drought’ in Giron, Colombia

En una vereda de Girón (Santander) murieron más de 10.000 peces por la intensa sequía.

Owners of three ponds located in the El Manantial in Girón (Santander), reported that in recent weeks has killed more than 10,000 fish as a result of the intense dry season and plugging the intake of old aqueduct that carried water in the sector. ( See pictures of the terrible drought plaguing the country )

Elite Environmental biologists group and the Water Resources Branch of the Regional Autonomous Corporation for the Defense of the Meseta de Bucaramanga (CMDB) went to the site to ascertain what happened and determine what actions to take to overcome the environmental emergency that occurs in region. (Also read: Van 117 municipalities in drought alert )

Nepomuceno Solano, manager of one of the ponds, said before closing the owner of a farm made of an old intake at the top of the village were forced to resort to cisterns that the drought were left without water.

“We are in crisis because we have no life without water. More than 10,000 dead fish and that súmele The intense heat that the fruit does not ‘take’ even 30% of what they produced in times of good water.”

In Santander the most affected municipalities with drought are Los Santos, Zapatoca, Cabrera and Lebrija.



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    10,000 fish have died ‘due to drought’ in Giron, Colombia | Earth Changing Extremities
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