50 dead turtles found on a beach in Salinas del Marques, Mexico

Appear dead turtles on beaches

About fifty species ridley turtles woke up Friday on the beaches of Salinas, against Pemex buoys in Salina Cruz. The turtles were thrown by the decaying sea, sparking the curiosity among bathers and ferocity of the dogs and vultures feeding on the bodies.

On the sandbar across the beach from the section nine (opposite the buoy 3) to the last jetty, to the unwavering gaze of children and adults who swam a few meters from the decomposed bodies, we observed a flock of vultures peeling pack of dogs and the remains of turtles that are highly prized by fishermen predators of eggs and meat.

Despite the foul odors, service providers, fishermen and environmentalists did not want to bury the remains to prevent odor, “we want the federal authorities as Profepa do their jobs and determine what happened, what was the cause of death of turtles, have reported that Pemex is responsible, each to be connected to load a boat there and spill pollutes everything turtles might have died from pollution, “said Raul Gallegos, president of the environmentalist association Estero Las Salinas del Marqués.

This finding, says Raúl, is not the first thing that happens, “I remember that in 2008, 2010 in 2012 were 24 the most notorious for sinking the buoy 3 of Pemex, have appeared dead turtles, and to this 18 July 2014, no authority has ruled what caused the deaths of these turtles. ”

Just two weeks ago this newspaper reported that Open Beach, just two minutes from the downtown area, has become turtle graveyard without any federal authority dictates the causes or go to bury the bodies.

It is noteworthy that from June to September, this endangered species and protected by federal law arrive at the Oaxacan coast to spawn on beaches. This time the authorities can not blame the fishing boats are moored since the end of May.

Authorities can not say that the red tide has caused mass death, as health authorities said that there is no such phenomenon in our beaches. “The authorities do not go away, because the more time passes it is harder to determine the death of turtles also seen carrying several days and were partly eaten by fish and sea birds,” lamented the president of the association environmentalist.

Similarly, Luis Alberto Vásquez Osorio, fisherman in Las Salinas del Marques, insisted that Profepa and Navy, “do more research to tell what exactly killed the turtles, then say fishermen, as the situation is and hunger, we would not waste the meat if that is entangled in the net, now is not, is a shitload. ”

What was observed is that the bodies should not have traces of networks or are mutilated, the shell is intact, also appear to be males so they can not fall victim to predators of eggs.

“It is important to come the Profepa, tell why he killed, but they return to report, I assure you they will not come, do not want problems with Pemex, we will seek to determine what killed them, but it is necessary that the authority federal fulfill its obligations, “the environmental president Estuaries of Salinas, Raul Antonio Gallegos.

“We have reported that Pemex is responsible, the turtles may have died from pollution,” Raul Gallegos, president of the environmentalist association Estero de Las Salinas del Marques said.

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