Large fish kill found in the Kishwaukee River in Illinois, America

Fish Kill Alert

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is investigating a large fish kill near Huntley, but the answers may be coming from half a world away.

The dead fish and other aquatic life began floating to the surface of the Kishwaukee River, its tributaries and a popular fishing lake last week, according to nearby residents.

“There were hundreds and I mean hundreds of dead fish everywhere,” said Craig Hall, a resident of the Sun City Huntley community.

The affected bodies of water are close to a section of I-90 where a truck carrying a concrete curing compound caught fire on July 25 and created a traffic jam.

Could the two events be connected?

A spokesperson for the Illinois EPA said it is believed that the concrete compound carried by the truck as well as firefighting foam entered a nearby ditch after the accident.

However, sample test results that may help determine the cause of the fish kill have not been returned.

According to the Illinois EPA, the samples were sent to a lab in Singapore. It is apparently the only lab available that can develop the standard for the analysis of the water samples. But state officials say the samples are being expedited.

“For fish to die in that scale and of every species, I knew something was seriously wrong,” said neighbor Kyle Vandermeer.

Signs posted near the lake warn of possible contamination. The state said it is believed the incident is currently contained and under control.

Huntley is about 50 miles northwest of Chicago.


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