Hundreds of dead fish appear at the mouth of Serpis River in Gandia, Spain

Detalle de peces muertos que aparecieron este fin de semana en la playa de Venecia. :: lp

Hundreds of fish found dead this weekend at the mouth of the river Serpis Gandia. Neighbors noticed Sunday morning that copies as smooth bass floating in the waters of Venice and Marenys Rafalcaid and also many other species had flooded the shores of these beaches south of the city.

The causes of this mortality is unknown at this time but it appears that the sewage was pouring some type of harmful bacteria to animals. On Monday there were only remnants of dead fish, so the green flag, that allows the bathroom was installed, which shows that there is no longer any danger.

The president of the Association of Residents of Venice Beach, Ernesto Mico, yesterday lamented this event: “It is not nice to see so many dead fish in the mouth. We are waiting to tell us what could have happened. ”

He was a resident who realized what happened on Sunday and gave immediate notice to the competent authorities. Attended by members of the local police and Seprona. The beach cleaning workers collected the morning fish and placed in garbage bags in a container of Venice. But neighbors complained, nobody pulled up early yesterday, causing “a strong odor of rotting fish was perceived even from the festival was being celebrated on the occasion of the celebrations of the district.”

The mayor Grau, Toni Rodriguez, said yesterday that the beaches of Venice and the mouth Marenys and had returned to normal and there were no dead fish. Sources Confederation Júcar (CHJ) indicated that an environmental agent, after finding the death, prepare a report to determine whether the facts are matters for Costas or CHJ.

This incident adds to the middle of July, in which the government of Gandia closed the bathroom for two days Venice Beach after detecting high levels of enterococci in water. It is a fecal bacteria which is found in some coastal areas and can affect swimmers, because sometimes causes itchy eyes and stomach damage. This decision was made after learning the analysis by each day the General Water of the Generalitat Valenciana.

This organism is found in the coastal area because is near the mouth of the river Serpis and in the area of ​​influence of the outfall of the wastewater treatment plant. Venice Beach opened the bathroom days later after checking the water quality fit.

From Compromís yesterday showed concern about the “deficiencies” in the outfall and wastewater treatment plants. “Another summer have been many dead fish and South Beach has had to close the bathroom on more than one occasion. We again require the Generalitat investments “remarked spokeswoman Gandia, Lorena Milvaques. The mayor added that make a parliamentary question in les Corts to the Department of Infrastructure. Compromís recalled that for many years about the situation of the outfall and sewage.


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