Prime Minister’s plane carrying Greek Vice President and Foreign Affairs Minister makes an emergency landing in Thessaloniki, Greece

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The Greek Prime Minister’s aircraft (Embraer) carrying the Vice-President and Foreign Affairs Minister Evangelos Venizelos from Ankara to Milan made an emergency landing at Thessaloniki’s Macedonia Airport, after the pilots noticed a cracked window.

Mr. Venizelos was in Ankara representing Greece in the swearing-in ceremony of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He left Ankara to attend the meeting of Foreign Affairs Ministers of the EU in Milan. During the flight, the pilots noticed that there was a crack on the main pilot’s seat window and had to land the plane at the Thessaloniki Airport.

They noticed the damage flying 37,000 feet above Thasos island and asked permission to make an emergency landing at Thessaloniki’s Macedonia Airport for precautionary reasons.

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