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Depth: 0.1 km

Distances: Latitude, Longitude  64.659  -17.389 
(7.0 km ENE of Bárðarbunga)

Earthquake location   07 Sept 23:45 GMT

Map of earthquake epicentres

Time and magnitude of earthquake   07 Sept 23:45 GMT

Graph showing earthquake timing and magnitude

Deadly Virus strikes horse facility in Dane County, USA

Horse Virus Alert

A Dane County boarding and training facility for horses has been quarantined after an outbreak of the highly contagious equine herpes virus.
The Wisconsin State Journal reports one horse had to be euthanized just before Labor Day and two more at the same site have tested positive and are ill.
The state veterinarian, Paul McGraw, says equine herpesvirus-1, or EHV-1, causes respiratory disease, abortion and intermittent outbreaks of neurologic disease in horses.
Humans cannot acquire it but they can act as carriers. An outbreak earlier this year killed several horses in Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin.
All three horses in Dane County were vaccinated in spring for rhinopneumonitis, which is the non-neurological form of the virus. But there are no vaccines for the neurologic form.

Landslide at quarry leaves 4 dead in Mexico

Landslide Alert

At least four workers died in a landslide at a quarry in the central Mexican state of Puebla, officials said. The emergency-management office in that state said in a statement that the accident occurred at the quarry located on El Rosario hill, in the municipality of Zacapala. The emergency-management chief in Puebla, Jesus Morales Rodriguez, said the bodies were taken to the nearby municipality of Tepexi and that the incident was not caused by recent heavy rains.

Massive landslide buries 24 homes; 7 dead, 20 missing in Udhampur, India

Breaking News

At least seven people were killed and about 20 went missing after a landslide, triggered by heavy rains, buried 24 houses in a remote mountainous hamlet in Udhampur district, today.
DIG, Reasi-Udhampur range, Gareeb Dass said a landslide, triggered by heavy rains, buried 24 houses of Punjar Saddal village in Panchari teshil of Udhampur district today.
He said bodies of seven people have been recovered and nearly 20 have gone missing.
Locals from a nearby village have rescued over 100 people, the reports said.
A joint rescue and relief team comprising of SDRF, Police, Medical and Engineering teams were air-dropped at the place to carry out rescue operation, the DIG said.

Many bridges are washed away as Dam Collapses in Nepal


A natural dam created by a huge landslide last month across the Sankoshi River collapsed on Sunday, allowing a wall of water to course down the river and sweep away a giant excavating machine and many bridges.
The dam’s collapse did not cause any casualties in Nepal, but officials said they were worried that the rush of water might be a danger to villages in India.
The collapse drained a temporary lake that had formed behind the landslide over the past month. Nepali officials had been using excavating equipment and explosives to try to dislodge enough of the rock in the natural dam to drain away the water, but without much success.
The sudden collapse of the dam revealed previously submerged houses and part of the damaged Araniko Highway, which connects Katmandu with China. The highway is still blocked as a result of the damage caused by the landslide last month.
An excavator that had been used by the Nepali Army to claw away at the landslide was swept away by the water.
“People are safe, but we have yet to collect all the information about infrastructure damage,” said Gopal Prasad Parajuli, chief officer of the Sindupalchok district.
The landslide last month killed 156 people and displaced thousands. Such disasters are common in Nepal, which is prone to floods, sudden landslides and earthquakes. So far this monsoon season, at least 200 people have been killed and 22,000 displaced as a result of weather-related disasters.
Unquote: What they are not saying is that the landslides/mudslides/flooding is getting worse

Apocalyptic flooding hits Narowal, Sialkot and Wazirabad cities in Pakistan

Flood Water
The floodwater of the River Chenab and seasonal nullahs have inundated urban and rural localities in Sialkot, Chiniot, Narowal and Gujranwala displacing tens of thousands of people, say media reports
Up to 19 villages of Chiniot were under the Chenab flood on Saturday.
As the water flow increases from 350,000 cusecs (Saturday) to 600,00 cusecs on Sunday (today), more areas are likely to be under flooding.
The nine relief centres have yet to receive the first visitor as people are staying with their relatives in safer places.
As a 65,000 cusec deluge in the Nullah Dek entered Narowal on Saturday, it washed away the dyke at two points inundating Zafarwal, Qila Ahmedabad, Narowal city and 55 villages.
The flash flood caused a breach in the dyke near Jandiala and then another near village Choor. Within minutes, Zafarwal city was under flooding. All streets are under four feet water.
Qila Ahmedabad town was under two feet water. The flood water was flowing in the Narowal city and Baddomalhi.
The flooded Aik, Palkhu and Bhed nullahs submerged the Sialkot city.
Municipality officials said the nullahs were in high flood and torrential rains worsened the situation. The city streets were under three to four feet water.TMA officials said they were trying to remove the water using machinery. Also, 725,000 cusecs flood passed through the Marala head works in the River Chenab.
Marala Irrigation Executive Engineer Muhammad Arif said another 900,000 to 1 million cusec flood was likely in the River Chenab late on Saturday or early on Sunday. He said India had released 300,000 cusecs in the River Chenab.
District Focal Person Malik Abid Husain Awan said Army jawans continued a rescue and relief operation in the flood-hit areas of Sialkot, Head Marala, Bajwat and Zafarwal. He said high flood warnings were issued for the River Chenab, River Tavi and Aik, Dek and Palkhu nullahs.
He said the water level also shot up to 34,500 cusecs in the River Tavi on Saturday and 76,847 cusecs in the River Jammu Munaawar.
The overnight continuous torrential rain and overflow of the nullah Pulkho and the River Chenab wreaked havoc in Wazirabad city. Army has been called in to shift people to safer places.
Army jawans also undertook rescue works in Wahando, Kamoki, Sadhoki and Naushera Virkan which were under the flooding of the Nullah Deg.
Provincial Health Secretary Babar Hayat and District Coordination Officer Azmat Mehmood visited Wazirabad and other flood affected areas.
Wazirabad Assistant Commissioner Rao Sohail Akhtar said nine health relief camps had been set up in the city and other affected areas. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif also visited the residence of deceased Nawaz where three people were killed in a roof collapse incident. He expressed his condolence and gave compensation of Rs5 million to heirs.
PML-N MPA Chaudhry Ashraf Warraich gave a cheque for Rs500,000 to Jamil whose son Ali Majid was killed when the wall of a seminary fell on Nat Kalan Road in Ghakkhar town.

Severe heatwave sparks fever outbreak in Oman

Heatwave Warning

A sudden spike in the temperature has caused a surge in people complaining about viral fever across Muscat, say doctors. 
Hospitals in the city have been receiving patients of all age groups, male and female, with viral fever, running nose and a sore throat for the past week. 
Apart from prescribing medicines, doctors are advising patients to focus on personal hygiene to prevent further spread of the viral to others in the family and at work places.
Talking to the Times of Oman, Dr Pradeep Maheshwari, specialist of internal medicine at the Atlas Hospital, Ruwi, said that more than the usual number of people were complaining about the viral fever and cold.
 “This health condition has resulted in sudden increase in the temperature. In such a climate when the temperature fluctuates, the chances of viral infection increases,” he said.
Now that people have come back from vacations abroad or from their home countries, or from foreign tours where weather conditions were very different and where even their children had accompanied them, they are becoming infected by the viral fever.
 Their children have also joined schools and some of them have also been complaining of fever and cold. This happens almost every year with slightly different intensity, he said.
Maheshwari said that in normal cases, such an infection goes away in a few days or a week’s time, depending on an individual’s body condition. Only in some cases, anti-biotic medicines are required. 
However, if there are more complications, such as difficulty in breathing, they should immediately consult a doctor, he said.
However, as a preventive measure, they should avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or drinking water that is too cold or hot. They should avoid sudden switch from very low temperature to high temperature areas too frequently, he said.
Dr Asha G Pillai, an intern at the Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Ruwi, also said that a lot of people have suddenly started coming complaining of sore throat, cold and fever which in most cases is being diagnosed as a case of viral infection. She said that apart from medicines, it was important to focus on personal hygiene.
“People should play safe and immediately consult a doctor to seek the right advice and prevent further complications. Though such cases happen almost every year,  this health condition, however, should not be ignored as it is painful and can get prolonged if timely medicines and expert advice is not taken,” said Pillai.
Sujith Mathew, an Indian who had brought his son to the doctor, said the child had fever and cold for two days, and could not go to school.
 The doctor had given him some medicines and advised that he should stay at home for a couple of more days since he required rest and must not allow the infection to spread among his classmates. Because of his current health condition, his son was neither able to focus on studies nor games, he said.
Abdul Hai, a Pakistani site engineer, said that he suddenly had fever after working under the sun. He said, “I  was feeling uncomfortable due to the temperature difference at my air conditioned house and at the work place under the sun. These days, temperature outside is also high and I was expecting that I would fall sick.”
 Suad Al Balushi, an Omani housewife, said that her daughter had gone to school but in the evening, “we found that she was having fever.”
“The doctor told us to keep her at home for a few days, and take some medicines. We have been asked to look after her and that she must adhere to the preventive measures as advised by the doctor. She is a small child and we have to look after her,” she said.

Plane with 194 passengers forced to make emergency landing after engine fails in mid-air, Israel

Plane Emergency Landing

There were some anxious moments for passengers when an El Al Airlines plane carrying nearly 200 people was forced to make an emergency landing on just one engine on Saturday night.
One of the Boeing 767-300 aircraft’s engines malfunctioned shortly after it departed Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv while en route to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.
The flight crew notified the control tower of the malfunction and then requested permission to return to the airport, where the plane landed safely. 
Rescue teams were on standby as a precaution when the aircraft, carrying 194 passengers, made the unscheduled landing at Tel Aviv’s international airport.
Rami Nir, head of ground operations for the Israel Airports Authority, told Arutz Sheva that the passengers disembarked and returned to the terminal, where they were taken care of by El Al staff.
He added: ‘I’d like to note that throughout the whole process the passengers were not in any danger.’
El Al Airlines said the malfunction occurred about half an hour after the plane took off from Tel Aviv.
The cause of the engine malfunction is under investigation.

Plane crashes near the Warner Springs Gliderport; USA

Plane Crash Alert

A small single-engine aircraft used to tow gliders into the air crashed near the Warner Springs Gliderport Saturday, and a man was flown by helicopter to a hospital with moderate injuries, authorities said.
The small “tow plane,” a Piper Pawnee, crashed about 12:15 p.m. Saturday southwest of the Warner Springs Gliderport, which is at 31930 State Route 79 in Warner Springs in northeast San Diego County, Cal Fire Capt. Kendal Bortisser said.
The pilot of the plane was the only person aboard the aircraft and sustained injuries that were moderate and non-life threatening, Bortisser said. He was taken to a hospital by a medical helicopter because of the remoteness of the location.
Bret Willat of Sky Sailing, the company that operates the glider port, identified the pilot only as Jim, and said he was an experienced pilot who worked at a glider port in Hemet before working at Warner Springs Gliderport for the last four years.
“He never even got 100 feet in the air,” Willat said. “He was probably only going about 55 to 65 miles per hour because we don’t go very fast when we launch the gliders.”
Willat said the pilot had a 200-foot rope between his tow plane and the glider, and shortly after take off the glider got out of position behind the tow plane, lifting the plane’s tail more than the pilot could correct. Willat said before the tow plane crashed, the glider was able to release and land safely. 
“The Piper Pawnee is the type of plane you want to be in if you crash,” Willat said. “It’s a beefy, strong plane.”
The Piper Pawnee was a plane made for crop dusting, Willat said. According to, the last model was made in 1982. The website said it was one of the first and most successful light aircrafts built for agricultural spraying and dusting and is still popular as an agricultural plane and tow plane for gliders.

Plane crash reported in Lake Pontchartrain, USA

Plane Crash Alert

The U.S. Coast Guard deployed a helicopter and boat crews Saturday night to investigate reports of a small plane crashing in Lake Pontchartrain. The agency said it received two reports of a Piper-type plane down at about 8 p.m. but had not confirmed them.
By 11:30 p.m., search crews found no evidence of any wreckage. And boats in the area did not report hearing or seeing a plane go down, according to the Coast Guard.
Crews continued to search an area four to eight miles south of Mandeville, east of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.
Piper Aircraft Inc. makes four- and six-seat airplanes.
The reports came from a group of women who called from a home near the lake and said they had heard a loud splash, and from a driver on the Causeway, a Coast Guard officer said.