Cyclone Nilofar closes to 450km from Oman, Sultanate escapes major rain so far

Latest weather warnings state that Nilofar is 450km close to Oman coast and its intensity is 95knots or 175.94Kmph.
“With the increased wind speed, the cyclone is now Category 2,” the Oman Met department said in a statement issued today by 8am.
However, the latest satellite pictures and numerical weather charts of Oman Met indicate that the cyclone will start moving in a north-easterly direction, away from Oman’s coasts and head towards Pakistan and India’s coasts.
Meanwhile, residents in Masirah witnessed moderate rain today morning.
“The sky is clear now. It rained for a few minutes. Still there is heavy wind,” residents said.
Meanwhile, the  US Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Centre said that the banding of the centre of the storm has increased further over the past 24 hours “to a defined 12 nautical mile [22.2km] eye… while the initial intensity has been increased to 115 knots [213kmph]”.

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