Ebola crisis: Seventh Sierra Leone doctor dies from virus

Ebola Virus

A Sierra Leonean doctor has died from Ebola, bringing the number of doctors killed by the virus to seven, a medical source says.
“Dr Michael Kargbo died this afternoon,” said a senior health worker at the Hastings Treatment Centre in the outskirts of Freetown.
It was not clear how Dr Kargbo, a 64-year-old dermatologist working at the Magburaka Government Hospital, was infected with Ebola, as he was not serving in a frontline Ebola treatment unit.
Sierra Leone has seen at least 128 of its health personnel infected by Ebola, as staff working in general wards and special treatment centres have been exposed to the disease.
All seven Sierra Leonean doctors who have contracted Ebola have died.
Dr Kargbo’s death comes a day after Dr Martin Salia, a surgeon from Sierra Leone, died in the United States after being evacuated for treatment.
The Ebola outbreak has killed over 5,000 people, mainly in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
Mali is currently facing a new wave of cases but Senegal and Nigeria have successfully contained outbreaks.
Liberia’s president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has set a goal of having no new cases by the end of December.
UN officials said the disease was still advancing rapidly in Sierra Leone, where there is a lack of treatment centres.

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