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Depth: 11 km

Distances: 111 km S of Bern, Switzerland / pop: 121,631 / local time: 21:52:16.1 2014-11-23
41 km SW of Sion, Switzerland / pop: 28,045 / local time: 21:52:16.1 2014-11-23
7 km W of Evionnaz, Switzerland / pop: 1,001 / local time: 21:52:16.1 2014-11-23

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Solar Energy Alert




Subject to change

Depth: 1.3 km

Distances: Latitude, Longitude  64.657 -17.466
(3.5 km ENE of Bárðarbunga)

Earthquake location   23 Nov 18:30 GMT

Map of earthquake epicentres

Time and magnitude of earthquake   23 Nov 18:30 GMT

Graph showing earthquake timing and magnitude

Black plague outbreak kills 40 in Madagascar

Bubonic Plague Alert

An outbreak of plague in Madagascar has killed 40 people and infected almost 80 others, the World Health Organization has said
The WHO warned of the danger of a “rapid spread” of the disease in the capital, Antananarivo.
The situation is worsened by high levels of resistance among fleas to a leading insecticide, the WHO added.
Humans usually develop the bubonic form of the plague after being bitten by an infected flea carried by rodents.
If diagnosed early, bubonic plague can be treated with antibiotics.
Men spraying insecticide in Madagascar
But 2% of the cases in Madagascar are the more dangerous pneumonic form of the disease, which can be spread person-to-person by coughing.
The first known case in the outbreak was a man in Soamahatamana village in the district of Tsiroanomandidy, about 200km west of Antananarivo, at the end of August.
There have been two confirmed cases in the capital, including one death.
“There is now a risk of a rapid spread of the disease due to the city’s high population density and the weakness of the healthcare system,” the WHO said.
A task force has been activated to manage the outbreak.
Last year health experts warned that the island was facing a plague epidemic unless it slowed the spread of the disease. It said that inmates in Madagascar’s rat-infested jails were particularly at risk.
A map of Soamahatamana

New Ebola Case in Mali Confirmed, Two More Suspected

Ebola Virus

Mali on Saturday confirmed a new case of Ebola and said two more suspected patients are being tested, raising concern about a further spread of the disease, which has already killed at least five people in the country. The patient who tested positive “was placed in an isolation center for intensive treatment,” said a government statement distributed Saturday. No details about the patient were provided.
Mali officials are monitoring 310 people to limit the spread of the disease, said the statement. Mali’s five confirmed Ebola deaths are linked to a 70-year-old imam who was brought to the capital, Bamako, from Guinea, where the regional Ebola epidemic first began. The World Health Organization says more than 5,400 people have died in the current outbreak, mostly in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
Also on Saturday, the first group of volunteers from Britain’s National Health Service arrived in Sierra Leone amid widespread concern about the worsening situation there. More than 30 NHS staffers, including general practitioners and nurses, were expected to stay in Freetown, the capital, for one week of training before moving to treatment centers across the country, Britain’s Department for International Development said in a statement.

H5N8 Bird Flu Virus Detected in German Wild Bird

H5N8 Virus Alert

The H5N8 avian influenza virus has been detected in a wild bird in Europe for the first time. It was found in north-east Germany, in the same state as the earlier outbreak in poultry but more than 50km away from the farm
Another case of H5N8 avian influenza has been confirmed in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania by the agriculture department there in an initial statement.
Later, the department confirmed that the presence of the H5N8 subtype of the virus had been confirmed in a wild bird – a common teal (Anas crecca).
The virus was detected during surveillance of wild birds in the Vorpommern Rügen region at a location 50km from the farm with the first outbreak in Heinrichswalde, which is in the region of Vorpommern Greifswald.
Dr Till Backhaus, the state’s Minister for Agriculture, the Environment and Consumer Protection, said this is a new and unpleasant situation and it must now be seen as a Europe-wide infection, with outbreaks in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK and an infection reservoir in the wild bird population. In the first two countries, at least, exactly the same virus has been confirmed.
In order to protect the nation’s poultry, he called for all domestic birds to be kept indoors, as he asked for all poultry keepers to cooperate in their own interests in order to avoid contact between their poultry and wild birds.
Dr Backhaus added that free-range poultry producers must bear a high responsibility to maintain biosecurity measures. In particular, he called on them to report any unexplained signs of diseases or mortalities for investigation, and to take every precaution to keep wild birds away from feed, bedding material and other objects designated for their birds. 
Domestic poultry must not have access to open water to which wild birds also have access.
Any suspicions of disease should be reported to the veterinary and food safety authorities, the Minister said.

Robbers steal goods unaware in the haul there are Ebola blood samples in Guinea

Ebola Virus

A roadway robbery in Guinea resulted in an alarming haul this week, as thieves made off with cash, personal items — and a batch of Red Cross blood samples from patients believed to be infected with the deadly Ebola virus.
The incident happened in southern Guinea, an area close to two other West African nations hit hard by the outbreak: Liberia and Sierra Leone.

3 volcanic quakes from Mayon in last 24 hours

Volcano Alert

At least three volcanic quakes were recorded from restive Mayon Volcano in the last 24 hours, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said Sunday.
In its 8 a.m. update, Phivolcs also noted white steam plumes of moderate volume drifting west-southwest and west-northwest.
Phivolcs likewise observed a crater glow at Intensity I Saturday night.
Also, Phivolcs said Mayon’s alert level remains at 3, meaning an eruption is still likely within weeks.
More than 12,000 families were evacuated from their homes in Mayon’s danger zone since mid-September, when Phivolcs raised the alert level at Mayon to 3.
Last Nov. 3, the Office of Civil Defense allowed residents in the seven- to eight-kilometer extended danger zone to return home for now. 

Alaska’s Pavlov Volcano Eruption Prompts Aviation Alert

Orange Alert

The unusually powerful eruption of Pavlof prompted aviation officials to briefly warn aircraft flying near the volcano of the ash hazard. The major eight-hour blast from the volcano sent a column of ash soaring high above the Alaska Peninsula for several hours. The Alaska Volcano Observatory said the eruption was much more energetic than any Pavlof has produced in the last decade or so.

Volcano of Fogo has started erupting

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The Volcano of Fogo just started erupting, according to information confirmed to Inforpress by the geophysicist who studies volcanoes, Bruno Faria, who serves on the Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics in Mindelo.
“There is no longer just risk. The eruption has started for about 10 minutes now we await the development of the situation”, said Bruno Faria, when in Cape Verde was 10:16 “.
The geophysical didn’t advance more data.
However, Arlindo Lima, president of the National Service of Civil Protection and Fire said moments before to Inforpress that the National Service of Meteorology and Geophysics has followed the progress of seismic activity for several days, but the situation worsened from Saturday.
19 years later
According to that, given this situation and in consultation with the Mayor of Santa Catarina Fire Fighter and Regional Command of the National Police, they are proceeding to the orderly withdrawal of the population so that no one is caught off by a possible volcanic eruption.
According to the same, the Armed Forces Command is cautioned if necessary to move a group of soldiers to the island to assist in the operation, and the government itself knows about the situation, with the leaders of the civil protection to monitor developments.
Information collected by Inforpress realize that the population of Cha das Caldeiras spent the night outside their homes due to strong earthquakes and this morning, around 09:00 am was recorded another strong quake, as told a resident contacted by Inforpress. 
In São Filipe was not noticeable any seismic activity on the part of the population.